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Are your business processes 100% efficient? If they still rely on time-consuming paperwork, the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Old-fashioned business processes present huge hidden costs and are prone to errors, losses, exception issues and a lack of control.

At Iron Mountain, we believe your paper-based processes represent a huge opportunity to enhance business efficiency while increasing visibility and control. We offer accurate, efficient and secure information capture and processing, giving you control of your information and helping you comply with industry and government regulations.

Increased automation saves significant time and resources - you no longer need to be bogged down with processing incoming mail, sorting documents, manual processing and trying to deal with exception issues.

Our services can add value to your business whether you have already invested in an in-house information management system or are exploring new ways to increase efficiency across your business.

Our Approach

We help you focus on your core business by taking the hassle out of paper-based business processes.

1. Receive documents
Documents are received through multiple channels (paper, e-mails, etc.) and sorted for immediate processing at one of our centres.

2. Extract information
Critical information is extracted from the original paper document to create a digital file.

3. Validate information
All your documents undergo rigorous checks to achieve high data accuracy.

4. Support business decision
Digital files are submitted to be processed according to your agreed business rules. We can help identify exceptions for efficient handling.

5. Transfer
Metadata and image files are sent for further processing.

6. Report & evaluate
We provide regular reports that help you to understand and better manage your business processes.

7. Archive
Secure storage and protection for both paper and digital documents. We store all of your documents according to your retention policies.


  • Faster invoice processing helps you take advantage of early payment discounts and better transparency avoids double payment.
  • Time savings allow your teams to focus on higher value activity.
  • We can help reduce the total cost of the process end-to-end, including equipment needs and resources required.


  • Robust processes ensure you have greater control.
  • We deliver high data accuracy.
  • A standardised approach across multiple legal entities and countries improves visibility.
  • Regular business reporting allows you to understand where the bottlenecks are in your process and to make continual improvements.
  • Rapid retrieval of your business documents increases efficiency and security.


  • Our services can save you time, enabling you to concentrate on customer and supplier relationships. Our processes may allow you to act faster and provide you with easier access to accurate data for solving queries.

Security and Compliance

  • With highly secure facilities and vetted teams our standards mean your information and your customers information is always in safe hands.
  • All documents are traceable under a robust chain of custody.
  • We protect your customer data with our stringent security standards.

Flexible Approach

  • Our team of experts will work with you and we can adapt our services to work with your internal systems and pace with your changing needs.

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