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Secure Data Center Decommissioning

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Safe, secure, and sustainable data center decommissioning

When the time comes to move or retire data-bearing IT assets from your data centers, it’s absolutely critical to securely and efficiently decommission those assets.

It’s the only way to truly protect your data.

Safe, secure, and sustainable data center decommissioning

How We Can Help


Data Erasure

Reduce disruption, minimize environmental impacts, and increase recovery value by comprehensively sanitizing every data-bearing device. Decommission even the largest data centers 7 – 10 times faster and virtually eliminate the risk of data loss.
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IT Asset Remarketing

Recover maximum value and drive ROI with Iron Mountain’s industry-leading asset remarketing capabilities.
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Environmentally Responsible Dispositioning

Ensure that all decommissioning activities adhere to industry best practices and regulatory compliance for environmental impact and Occupational Health and Safety.
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Secure Chain of Custody

Identify and track every serialized asset, wth multiple checkpoints and secure logistics, from client site to world-class processing centers.

How We Are Different

From consolidation to decommissioning of data centers, we deliver expert end-to-end services. We not only make it easy for companies to store their information with us, but we’re also there when it’s time to break down and responsibly dispose of all data center assets.

Let our experts help you increase operational efficiency, achieve maximum ROI, and ensure comprehensive data security with:

Total Data Destruction

Total Data Destruction

  • 10M+ drives sanitized
  • 100% sector verified erasure guaranteed
  • No data recovered from drives we sanitized. Ever.
Efficient, Certified Decommissioning Process

Efficient, Certified Decommissioning Process

  • Data sanitization complete in 1-2 days
  • Data center decom complete in weeks vs. months
  • 1M+ servers and 3M+ drives processed annually
Unmatched Value Recovery

Unmatched Value Recovery

  • The world's #1 IT asset remarketing program
  • We make the market to maximize client recovered value
  • Clients report up to 45% higher returns

Customer Success Story: Hyperscale services provider


Arrival of new servers and storage, which were rapidly losing value while waiting for installation, placed a premium on accelerating decommissioning for this hyperscale services provider. While the nature of the business mandated maximum data security, the provider needed return on investment from asset remarketing to help fund increased tech refreshes.


Iron Mountain’s custom data center decommissioning services safely, securely, and efficiently executed comprehensive data erasure, uninstallation, removal, and secure shipment of equipment to state-of-the-art processing facilities for remarketing.


All racks were data-free and ready to be wheeled out four days after the project started. All assets were removed from the client site within two weeks. Remarketing the retired assets netted the client $4.4 million, helping to close budget gaps.

  • 297 racks
  • 121,893 drives (HDD, SSD, flash cards)
  • 100% of drives erased or securely destroyed, with certification
  • Data elimination complete in 4 days
  • All racks removed in 2 weeks
  • Client proceeds: $4.4M

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