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USC School of Cinematic Arts Case Study

The School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California possesses a wealth of historic cinematic memorabilia, film and tape, and other assets. A list of the school’s famous alumni reads like a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood greats. With a variety of objects and media to safeguard, USC turned to Iron Mountain to help with its archiving efforts. Protecting its legacy and preserving the history of an industry were both part of USC’s mission, and Iron Mountain was there to provide the knowledge and technical expertise necessary to achieve it.

“I sleep better at night because I know that these objects, these files, these films, these tapes, are with Iron Mountain.”

Elizabeth Daley

Dean, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California

Corbis Corporation Case Study

The Bettmann Archive contains some of the world’s most recognizable photographic images – from Marilyn Monroe to Rosa Parks to a work crew perched on a girder above New York City. When Corbis Images acquired the Bettmann Archive in 1995, the challenge was to preserve these priceless images – many of which had decayed over the years. Iron Mountain’s unique restoration and archiving expertise helped Corbis protect and preserve these priceless images for future generations.

“The Bettmann Archive contains 11 million images … We were challenged with preserving the collection and providing access to it. The partnership that was created with Iron Mountain enables us to achieve that.” 

Ann Hartman

Manager of Library and Records Management, Corbis

Secure Worldwide Accessibility

At an institution, an archive is a legacy. But it is also a resource – for researchers, for colleagues, for the public. Iron Mountain’s proprietary system for accessing your archive any time you need it provides the power and flexibility that institutions need. Learn more

Digitization & Media Migration

Iron Mountain specializes in digital migration from original analog sources and in maintaining digital files in the most up-to-date format available. Your valuable assets will never go obsolete – even after they move into the digital world. Learn more

Security & Chain of Custody

Iron Mountain has a rich history of preserving and safeguarding valuable archives with industry-leading security practices. Learn more about our secure facilities and chain-of-custody process.

Restoring & Preserving

Iron Mountain specializes in full-service restoration and state-of-the-art preservation. Our experts have years of experience working with and restoring a wide variety of media and physical objects. Learn more


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