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The Digital Content Repository

Iron Mountain has developed the Digital Content Repository (DCR), our proprietary digital archive management system, to future-proof our clients’ assets and offer an enterprise-scale solution for all your archiving and distribution needs. The state-of-the-art system provides complete cataloging, access, and distribution for all your media assets.

A Secure Digital Archive with Global Distribution

The DCR was developed by media and archive professionals expressly for professionals in the field. It incorporates the latest technology and infrastructure advances in a completely secure environment. The DCR allows clients to ingest and manage assets with controlled access across a team or company. With management capabilities including on-demand previews of all media types, archive-wide browsing, and automated meta-tagging functionality, the DCR allows our clients to have access and visibility across an entire archive, all while high resolution masters are never in direct contact with the internet. You can customize your media management system and securely access your assets from the moment your archive is ingested.

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DCR System

Iron Mountain’s Digital Content Repository (DCR) is a leading-edge digital asset management tool for enterprise-wide management and worldwide distribution. The DCR features:

  • Enterprise-class dedicated database to retrieve and distribute your assets in any format you desire with complete security.
  • High-resolution digital masters remain completely protected. They are never exposed to the Internet or distributed.
  • Your media is completely searchable and easily previewed, including storyboard previews available for video.
  • Complete meta-tagging and cataloging system for easy search and retrieval.
  • Enterprise-wide control with multiple levels of access, including a complete record of all access points and distribution.
  • Distribution capabilities scaled for global markets and enterprise-wide international use.

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