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Digital conversion, transcoding, and repurposing

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Digitizing and Ingestion

Iron Mountain can work with virtually any media format to ingest it into an archive solution that allows for transfer to desired media. Whether it’s DigiBeta, D-2, D-3, or another format, Iron Mountain has an industry-leading collection of playback technology. With the proper equipment for your original media, we then move to the important tasks of ingesting, cataloging, meta-tagging, and making your media available for distribution. Once your assets are in our infrastructure, access and distribution cease to be a problem and your media can be transferred easily.

Iron Mountain can bring your analog source materials into digital format and create a working digital asset repository that suits your business. Capabilities include:

  • Industry-leading equipment and player collection to migrate any media format.
  • Scanning and cataloging of all packaging and other relevant materials.
  • Meta-tagging and cataloging expertise during ingestion process makes your digital assets immediately available and easily accessible.
  • Once digitized, your assets will be protected in a 100% lossless environment, including three separate physical locations for your masters.

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Digital Archiving Solutions

Iron Mountain takes the hassle out of establishing and ingesting media into an archive. Our time-tested methods and technological infrastructure make many of our solutions virtually turnkey for some organizations. Iron Mountain can offer:

  • Complete management of archive establishment process including ingestion, meta-tagging, cataloging, and archiving.
  • 100% secure environment with guaranteed zero bit loss includes our automatic monitoring of your assets for even the slightest amount of data loss.
  • Completely media-agnostic system migrates your assets to industry-current media as needed for distribution.
  • Leading archive experts provide continual guidance and best practices for all steps of the archive process.

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