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As information volumes continue to grow, the risk of loss or breach increases as well. You need a comprehensive disposition program that is convenient, secure, and sustainable, and you need to be sure you can dispose of all assets that contain personal or sensitive information, regardless of format: paper, media, hard drives, and other IT assets.


With Iron Mountain Onsite and Offsite Shredding services, you can protect the privacy of your clinical and business information by disposing of your paper-based records and media in a compliant, safe, and cost-effective way.

Secure Onsite Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that require the immediate or witnessed destruction of PHI, PII, or any other confidential information directly on premises. This cost-effective service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Offsite Secure Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that need ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. This cost-effective shredding service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly

Healthcare Information Governance: Dial-Moving Strategies to Accelerate IG Adoption


Destroy all your destruction-eligible film leveraging a proven, compliant process that emphasizes security and delivers an auditable chain of custody with the Iron Mountain® Film Destruction service. Once complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction that will show litigators and regulatory bodies your commitment to compliant destruction.

Medical Film


The Iron Mountain® e-Waste and Secure IT Asset Disposition service allows healthcare providers to recycle or repurpose old, obsolete, or decommissioned IT assets through secure, environmentally-friendly procedures. Whether legacy laptops, PCs, or other hardware, Iron Mountain you can develop an enterprise IT Asset Disposition program that securely removes all sensitive and protected information - while maximizing recovery value and supporting your sustainability initiatives.

Iron Mountain e-Waste and Secure IT Asset Disposition offers:

e-Waste Recycling

Feel secure knowing that Iron Mountain follows the strictest guidelines including a no-overseas and no-landfill policy in accordance with the e-Stewards® Enterprise program procedures.

Hard Drive and Tape Destruction

Establish a defensible, documented and repeatable process to prepare, transport and destroy hard drives, backup tapes and other e-waste onsite at your data center or at an offsite destruction facility.

IT Asset Remarketing

Convert your legacy laptops, PCs and other hardware into a new revenue stream while maintaining your information privacy and helping the planet.

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition Programs

Develop a custom program designed for your organization that disposes of IT assets and maximizes value recovery.
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