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Make your Release of Information process seamless, scalable and secure

Release of information (ROI) is a function that virtually all healthcare providers have to perform as a requirement of the law.  Unfortunately, this process is resource intense, complex and riddled with risk. 

If you are like many healthcare providers, you face at least one, if not many, of the ROI-related challenges below: 

  • You have a large backlog of requests or difficulties keeping up with the increasing frequency of audits and shortened windows for response.
  • You have to pull information from multiple EMR systems or physically transfer records from another facility to fulfill requests which introduces cost and risk into your process.
  • You are concerned about a breach and the implications it might have on your patients as well as your organization’s brand.
  • You have limited staff that must extend bandwidth across multiple strategic goals, making it difficult to ensure your ROI program has the dedicated support it needs.
  • You find it difficult to provide your ROI staff with the routine and comprehensive HIPAA and ROI training required to maintain compliance.
What if you could make your ROI process seamless, scalable and secure?  You can.

Iron Mountain Release of Information solution offers healthcare providers an inherently scalable and secure approach to managing the ROI process.  Uniquely tailored to enable you to confidently outsource your ROI program, the Iron Mountain Release of Information Solution includes:

 Centralized ROI processing that:

Dedicated ROI support to:

Quality assurance processes built to:

Web-based management tools that:

  • eliminates unnecessary transportation costs
  • improves chain of custody
  • alleviates your current staffing and training issues
  • elevate program responsiveness
  • enable seamless integration with your existing workflows
  • ensure expertise on industry regulations and ROI requirements
  • standardize processes across multiple facility sitess
  • consistently meet mandated turnaround times
  • minimize risk of inadvertent disclosures
  • enable the logging, tracking and invoicing of ROI requests through a single system
  • use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification technology to ensure the right records are being released to right requester
  • maintain the necessary documentation for compliance
Not Ready to Fully Outsource ROI but Looking to Simplify the Process? No Problem.
The Iron Mountain Remote ROI Support Program enables you to keep ROI in-house while securing the expert oversight, workflow management technology and compliance verification support required to simplify the process and ensure requests are valid and properly fulfilled. With this program, you’ll gain access to:
  • expert program oversight
  • ROI technology platform
  • billable request review and fulfillment support
One More Thing! Don’t Forget Your Release of Information Obligations Remain Intact Even After You Retire or Close Your Facility’s Door.

Although your hospital or practice is closing, this does not mean access to patient health records stop. It is important to ensure that these records are accessible throughout their retention period. Not making the proper accommodations to ensure those records can be released to patients and other authorized requesters but also securely stored until they are destroyed at the end of their lifecycle could expose your healthcare organization to significant risks and penalties.

To help healthcare organizations address these regulatory obligations, Iron Mountain offers the Iron Mountain® Custodial Records Solution, a complete, end-to-end service for your closing practice or hospital that enables secure physical and electronic records storage and release of information throughout the required retention period as well as defensible disposition upon retention expiration. To learn more, click here

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