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Your library may have a trove of primary sources at great risk in obsolete formats that your users can't access.

Scanned newspapers that were out of print long before the digital age, hand-written journals, monographs, audio recordings, microfilm, local historical records and archival photographs – hidden amidst these resources are stories and insights waiting to be rediscovered. Digitization enables your community to have access to this content on a digital platform.

In addition, preservation is paramount with one-of-a-kind historical content. Most libraries' fluctuating temperatures and humidity is not the ideal environment for old newsprint, photographs or audio/visual recordings.

Digitization of Library Resources

Increasing your library’s unique digital collection is a great service to your patrons and the overall cultural record. Enabling scholars from across the globe and through time to engage with and learn from content that was all but forgotten until it was converted.

With Iron Mountain you will have access to digitization services that can help you improve access to everything from books to microfilm, photographs, video and audio tapes in myriad mediums. Once digitized, library patrons will be able to research these resources digitally and you can store the valuable original assets in the most ideal archival storage environment, protecting them for future generations.

Using Scale to Free up Resources

The decision to digitize portions of your collection can be a major win in the ongoing quest for library space. Digitization increases access and creates space.

Digital conversion can be both a timely and expensive process. You may have hesitated to move forward with the digitization of library resources in-house due to the demand it would put on your staff and resources or because the costs associated with working with a scanning company were far too high.

Iron Mountain is equipped to handle the digitization of library resources on any scale. We have access to the equipment and the staffing needed to convert any type of content in any amount.

Digitally converted content can then be stored offsite, opening up space in the stacks and ensuring that the digitized, indexed content is stored in an ideal environment.

Digitization is a substantial project, but the benefits are worth the effort:

  • improving accessibility of underutilized material by offering a digital surrogate
  • opening up new opportunities to protect and preserve original content
  • freeing up space for new collections or new patron services

Special Collections Digitization

Your library’s prized special collections are important to your institution, but their security and protection often limits discovery and access. Creating a digital surrogate of these resources not only adds another level of preservation for a valued and unique element of your collection, it also makes special collection items more accessible to your community.
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