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Libraries are always evolving, making collection management a perpetual task.

Trying to maintain balance in an environment of disappearing stacks, declining budgets and ceaseless demands for new books and subscriptions is no easy thing.

With every change to your library comes requirements to securely relocate collections to new spaces, annexes, stacks or even offsite. Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity, Iron Mountain can create a tailored solution that meets your needs.

The goal of any library move is to safely relocate your collections with care, precision and integrity. Whether you are moving books, journals, special collections, media, film, art, or any other content, Iron Mountain can provide an auditable chain of custody ensuring your collections are securely transported and are safely delivered to their final destination according to your specifications.


Tailored Moving Services

Our library services are completely scalable. Every library, every institution, every project is different and requires a different approach. Whether you are renovating a small section of your library, shifting collections, upgrading your stacks or preforming major modifications to your space. Iron Mountain is able to help you with any size moving project.

Our resources reach from coast to coast and are scalable to the needs of any size collection – from large research libraries to individual city libraries.

Our local resources provide greater efficiency, while our global footprint and scale allows us to assist with moves of all sizes. Work with a local team staffed by people who understand your region to draft a proposal tailored to your specifications.

Special Collections

Moving special collection materials is a particularly difficult task. Old hand-written journals, out-of-print books and first editions must be handled with a deft hand. The delicate nature of the books and artifacts that make up a special collection require the most specific climate and humidity controls.

  • We have partnered with many organizations and private clients to move valuable historic artifacts, fine arts and rare books.
  • We have drivers on staff who are trained in handling high-value objects.
  • We are prepared to work with you to create a tailored moving solution with an audit trail for documentation.
  • We will move your precious collections securely with care and caution.


Your Trusted Advisor

Your collections are important to your institution. You want a trusted partner to handle them with care. You need the secure, auditable logistics to ensure your selected content is moved properly. And you want an expert who can guide you through the process, from planning all the way through execution and verification.

Our experts in the logistics of library moving are ready to help you organize and execute your move.

Iron Mountain library moving services provides:

  • a customized, scalable solution for any size project
  • expertise in handing rare and valuable materials
  • auditable chain of custody
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Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain has the scale, resources, and expertise to work with you on any size project – whether you need to shift books between library branches or your library annex or get 100’s of thousands of volumes to your library book storage facility. Our experts in the logistics of library moving are ready to help you organize and execute your move. Bring your questions to Iron Mountain.

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