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What if you could optimize your records management storage, maintain federal compliance, shrink your real property footprint, and have it managed by agency employees?

Sometimes, needs and requirements change – quickly. Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services allows federal agencies a unique opportunity to procure NARA-compliant federal records storage space tailored to meet their specific needs of today and tomorrow. Your agency can also choose from a number of additional services to help support best-practice records center operations.

Our Adaptive Federal Storage Services give agencies like yours the flexibility to move a mix of records management functions, such as: active/inactive file storage and retrievals; secure destruction; scanning; and even staffing – to a dedicated offsite storage space. This service is designed to help agencies reduce both footprint and costs and gain significant operational efficiencies, including better security and more consistent retention and information governance practices, tailored to meet specific agency needs.

Contact your dedicated Iron Mountain Sales Representative to learn how you can acquire Records Management Services through:

  • GSA Schedule 36 Number GS-03F-049GA or
  • Visit our Contracts page for more information

Standard Services

  • Turnkey NARA-compliant records facility
  • High density racking
  • Property management
  • Standard common space
  • Set list of employees with access

Add-On Services

  • Standard records management services
  • Consultative services for improved records lifecycle management
  • Electronic records management services
  • Digitization
  • Secure Destruction
  • Secure transportation
  • Office space design and development
  • Customized racking design
Is the US Federal Government Ready for Next Generation Information Management?

Learn how your peers are indicating required needs for the next generation of information management and what steps you can take to guarantee success.

Your agency faces pressure from several interrelated government initiatives to modernize its records programs.

Teaming with a proven industry leader like Iron Mountain will help your agency:

Free up valuable real estate

and ensure your agency can meet the “Reduce the Footprint” benchmarks
Implement strategic space design standards

to maximize density and reduce footprint for records storage
Create a federally compliant environment

where your records are stored in a fully secured, fully defensible manner
Consolidate your onsite file rooms

under one vendor in one location
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Partner with Iron Mountain Government Solutions  

We believe that establishing long-term relationships with our partners allows us to best serve the growing and varied needs of the public sector.  Start realizing the benefits of a successful partnership today! 

Become a space makers while still facing shrinking footprints.

Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services: The Compliant Real Estate Solution to Optimizing your Record Storage Program.

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With Iron Mountain’s extensive Records and Information Management (RIM) capabilities, your agency can free up time, resources, and valuable physical office and onsite storage space – while you retain full control and access to records when needed.

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us at your convenience