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What if you could manage your agency’s electronic data regardless of format, media, or location?

Is your federal agency keeping up with the rapid increase in volume of electronic data? We understand that maintaining secure, uninterrupted, and cost effective access is essential to digital government, and a challenge to agencies. You’re likely dealing with a number of factors and policies that impact your agency’s approach to cost effectively managing electronic data, including:

How do you securely store and access your agency’s data while aligning with federal policies and legislation, and at the same time facing tightened IT budgets? Iron Mountain’s Federal Data Management Services deliver a comprehensive portfolio of methodologies, tools, and services to help transform the way data is stored, protected, accessed, and managed.

Our services are authorized for federal government procurement on contracts you can trust. Contact your dedicated Iron Mountain Sales Representative to learn how you can acquire Data Management Services through:

  • GSA Schedule 36 Number GS-03F-049GA or
  • Visit our Contracts page for more information
Is the US Federal Government Ready for Next Generation Information Management?

Learn how your peers are indicating required needs for the next generation of information management and what steps you can take to guarantee success.

we'll help your agency

Gain control of all electronic information

to support mission-focused activities


Reduce compliance risk

exposure through the use of security and chain of custody best practices

Reduce budget expenditures

through a balanced approach for managing government data


Adopt new IT standards

through modernization of federal data centers and equipment

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iron mountain data management services

Our full suite of industry-leading data management services enables federal agencies to manage and access electronic data regardless of format, media, or location. Regardless of where you are in your Data Management lifecycle, we can help you align your information practices with various critical US Federal Government IT and records initiatives.

Leverage a comprehensive methodology to manage data in a compliant and cost efficient manner.

The Iron Mountain Federal Data Management Model: Protecting Electronic Federal Information

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Manage your agency’s electronic data regardless of format, media, or location.
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