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What if you could reduce the footprint of your records management program, and seamlessly transition to a more effective digital government?

The volume and variety of government records and information assets keeps growing – as does your need to digitize and unify your paper and electronic records. Iron Mountain’s Document Imaging and Management services enable federal agencies like yours to modernize your program and achieve better information access and management.

We know that scanning 100% of documents is rarely a prudent or cost effective strategy. That’s why we give you an intelligent approach to imaging and document conversion, tailored to meet your agency’s unique access and budget requirements. Frequently accessed documents are scanned and made available immediately; rarely accessed documents are not scanned until requested, and are then delivered through our Image on Demand service. This “pay as you go” approach minimizes conversion costs while still meeting your document access needs.

Our document imaging services free up valuable resources and reduce your physical footprint, while ensuring information is accessible and usable for those who need to act on it. In turn, you can focus on fulfilling your agency’s mission critical tasks, delivering better service on eDiscovery and FOIA requests, and enabling the migration to a modernized, electronic program.

Contact your dedicated Iron Mountain Sales Representative to learn how you can acquire Document Imaging and Management Services through:

  • GSA Schedule 36 Number GS-03F-049GA or
  • Visit our Contracts page for more information
Is the US Federal Government Ready for Next Generation Information Management?

Learn how your peers are indicating required needs for the next generation of information management and what steps you can take to guarantee success.

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Reduce the footprint of your records management program, and seamlessly transition to a more effective digital government.