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Offsite Tape Vaulting for U.S. Federal Government

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Tape Backup and Offsite Vaulting Solutions for the U.S. Federal Government

Protecting your agency’s critical information offsite and offline provides confidence in recovery and data when it’s needed

Managing electronic data – regardless of format, media, or location – is critical to your agency’s mission success. Iron Mountain Government Solutions understands that maintaining secure and uninterrupted access is essential to digital government, and keeping up with changing policies and technology is an additional challenge that impacts your agency’s approach to cost effectively managing electronic data.

By moving tapes offsite and into the care of a trusted third party with proven resources, chain of custody, technology, and experience focused on protecting your data, you can reduce potential downtime and get back up and running quickly – because your agency depends on it.

Tape Vaulting – Ensures critical backup media is securely stored in optimized environmental conditions for long-term preservation and retention. Agencies can rely on a rigorous chain of custody and documented audit trail while tapes are in transit and stored in one of our secure, environmentally controlled facilities.

Disaster Recovery – Arms agencies with experienced disaster recovery experts to explore different disaster scenarios and the implications it can have on response time. Additional services include real-world testing, defining a set of priority media, and establishing a remote vault for that priority media.

Tape Backup and Offsite Tape Vaulting Solutions include:
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