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Ensure the safety of your information at the end of its lifecycle—Shred.

With Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding services for federal agencies, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents. Onsite or offsite, one-time or recurring, our solutions are tailored to you.

NAID Certified

Iron Mountain is NAID certified for document destruction at each Iron Mountain location in the United States. Onsite and offsite services vary by location.

why shred?

Shredding helps protect your agency’s mission critical information

by protecting your important information as well as your constituents’ and coworkers’ confidential information

Shredding can reduce the costs

of managing information that is no longer useful, pertinent or necessary to your agency mission

Shredding can help ensure compliance

with federal, state, industry and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action

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Partner with Iron Mountain Government Solutions  

We believe that establishing long-term relationships with our partners allows us to best serve the growing and varied needs of the public sector.  Start realizing the benefits of a successful partnership today! 

Iron Mountain can help your agency reach its sustainability goals with a secure shredding program. Let us turn your RIM program an enviable shade of green by helping you:


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Store records offsite

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Consolidate your information reserves

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Scan documents intelligently

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Leverage secure destruction

shredding options

Iron Mountain offers onsite and offsite shredding services on a one-time or recurring basis.*

Just One Time

We Pick It Up

We Shred It Onsite

*Because shred specifications may vary for individual U.S. federal agencies and circumstances, every shredding engagement by Iron Mountain is evaluated to confirm that the specific needs of the customer may be met.

Compliant Information Destruction Programs

Iron Mountain has pioneered a program-focused approach to the proper disposal and secure shredding of sensitive paper-based documents. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a compliant information destruction program that will protect your agency across multiple locations and geographies.

To learn more about our secure shredding capabilities, please visit our Secure shredding page.