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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) helps to maintain and control the internet’s naming system and is dedicated to keeping the internet secure and operable in the event of a physical or business failure. If you’re a domain name Registry Operator, you need to safeguard the vital registration information of top-level domain names, including the new generic Top Level Domains, or gTLDs. It’s a responsibility made easier by a trusted, designated third-party data escrow service provider.

Iron Mountain offers the most comprehensive and trusted Domain Name Registry Data Escrow Services in the industry. We make it as simple as possible to comply with ICANN’s escrow requirements. Plus, we’ve been escrowing registry data since 2001, so we know the ropes.

Registrar Data Escrow
In 2007, Iron Mountain was selected by ICANN to function as its Registrar Data Escrow agent. This program is designed to help ensure the stability and security of the internet’s domain name system through escrow of critical gTLD registration data, ensuring that the information associated with registered domain names is never at risk. Registrar Data Escrow protection serves as an under-the-radar safeguard, ensuring the continuity of service across the internet and delivers peace of mind to ICANN and domain name registrars worldwide.

Registry Data Escrow
In many cases, new gTLD applicants will be assisted by Registry Service Providers during the application process — they may also manage the ongoing operation of your registry. Iron Mountain has partnered with several Registry Service Providers as their preferred escrow agent. We can work with whichever Registry Service Provider you choose.

Data Escrow for the New gTLDs

This information guide provides an overview of what you need to know about Registry Data Escrow.
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