Offsite Tape Vaulting

You focus on driving business innovation. Let us protect your data.
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Offsite Tape Vaulting

You focus on driving business innovation. Let us protect your data.
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Tape Backup and OffSite Tape Vaulting Services

Protecting critical business information offsite and offline provides confidence in recovering data when it’s needed

Your staff should focus on tasks that are important to the business. But with increasing amounts of critical business information needing to be backed up and protected, you're forced to spend time and money to manage the process, media and facilities.

By moving tapes offsite and into the care of a trusted third party with proven resources, chain-of-custody, technology and experience focused on protecting your data, you can reduce downtime and get back up and running – because your business depends on it.

Protecting and preserving business data offsite - meet compliance requirements while ensuring data availability

Dealing with the consequences of hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption and man-made or natural disasters can impact productivity. But the data has to be backed up and, more importantly, protected offsite so it’s available for recovery.

Iron Mountain® Offsite Tape Vaulting services provide you with a comprehensive data protection solution for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup media from a secure, offsite facility.

We have the expertise to ensure you can get back up and running should the unexpected happen. Our rigorous chain-of-custody protocols and secure logistics ensures your critical information is protected while in transit and at rest. And, because your media is managed following proven procedures and best practices, you’ll be confident in your ability to find what you need when you need it, any time an internal or external source requests data from a specific tape.

The solution includes:

Offsite Tape Vaulting Consulting

Business requirements are constantly changing as new rules and regulations are published and yet your business must be compliant.

It can be complex and difficult to maintain an efficient reliable and effective vaulting strategy that meets these constantly changing requirements. Iron Mountain’s Offsite Vaulting consulting services provide you insights into the best practices of tape vaulting and retention.

Iron Mountain has a trusted team of professional advisors dedicated to providing you with the advice you help you best address your data protection, disaster recovery and archive business requirements. Our advisors supply you with practical recommendations, industry best practices and personal attention to make sure your organisations data is secure, compliant and properly managed.

Data storage is a big job. Save your organisation time, money and space, and let Iron Mountain’s professionals give you the confidence you need to improve your data storage process.

Inventory Audit

Know that your offsite media inventory was both complete and accurate

Unknown or unresolved media inventory discrepancies represent major risk to your organisation —especially when media that is unaccounted for could be requested at any time as part of an audit or litigation request, or in response to a disaster recovery incident. And it can require significant time, energy and expense to search for and locate misplaced media.

 It’s in your best interest to know your inventory is accurate and complete. Iron Mountain’s Inventory Audit service provides an extra measure of confidence by helping you identify exactly what data you have and where it resides.

Offsite Tape Vaulting - Employee scanning tape storage boxes

Depending on your needs and the reason you’re performing an audit, there are several Inventory Audit service options available to support you:

Inventory Comparison

Simple and effective, you submit your media barcode numbers via SecureSync® and we generate a report that shows any discrepancies. This is a no-charge service for current Iron Mountain® Offsite Tape Vaulting customers.

Logic Vault Audit

Scan and report. Iron Mountain scans all or a subset of the barcodes for your media stored in our vault. When complete, your authorised users receive a report of the findings, including any errors, duplicates and/or missing items.

Customer Scan

Roll up your sleeves and get hands on. Visit an Iron Mountain media vault and you’ll be given a space to work where you can perform an audit onsite using your own staff. Iron Mountain will assist you with the audit and help you resolve any discrepancies that may arise.

Data Archiving Solutions

Data growth and retention policies are making archived data difficult to manage

Business data needs to be retained – either for compliance reasons or to maintain the integrity of the organisation. But data is growing fast and it’s overflowing. At this point you have so much data, you aren’t sure how to manage it. It’s all important information that needs to be maintained for the integrity of your business, but storing it has become a challenge.

Archived information is probably low priority data that you don’t always need. It’s your original data that is still important to your business. Knowing what data is stored on your archive tapes becomes critical any time you’re faced with an audit, litigation or discovery request.

offsite tape vaulting - a data tape

Experience and knowledge to help manage protect and preserve information

Backup is for recovery and archive is to restore. In any situation, whether a day-to-day question or a major catastrophe, you need to be able to access your data securely and efficiently. Iron Mountain has the experience and knowledge to help you determine how to identify information for archive and backup purposes.

Iron Mountain provides a comprehensive data archiving solution and retrieval program to cost effectively protect and preserve data that needs to be retained, and accessible for compliance, legal and value generation - letting the IT staff focus on driving business innovation while being confident in knowing what data is stored yet accessible when needed.

Tape Identification Management

Data growth can make it difficult to identify the information that needs to be retained

Your organisation is growing and so is the volume of digital media. It’s difficult to identify specific pieces of information when combing through tape archives. This is especially true where your information could be stored in numerous redundant media formats. Plus you may have experienced mergers, acquisitions, business expansions, and IT organisational changes, making it more challenging to manage your past and present data volumes.

Develop and apply a well-defined retention policy for data retention.

Managing the explosive growth in data, while determining exactly what data needs to be retained creates challenges:

  • Identifying what information resides on your legacy backup tapes
  • Producing information for discovery or other time-critical requests
  • The risk of penalties or fines for failing to respond to a legal discovery or compliance event
  • Confidence in knowing you’re keeping only the data that needs to be retained
  • Making decisions on retention, destruction, and restoration of your data
  • The secret to knowing what data you no longer need to hold on to is 1) knowing what you have and 2) applying a defensible, well-defined retention policy to your data inventory.
  • The Iron Mountain® Tape Identification service helps you understand the content of your backup tapes through proactive indexing, giving you a clear picture of the types of data residing on your tapes.

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