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Tired of manual and paper-based processes causing errors and delays, preventing reconciliations and month-end closes from running smoothly? By opting to move to a more digital way of working, you can streamline AP and AR workflows, improving both efficiency and productivity—without the need for significant capital investment or increased IT burden. Understand how our solutions meet your specific needs.

“Iron Mountain came with their experts to simply ask questions about what we do in accounts payables. Based on our volume and what we wanted to achieve, they were able to map out a solution that met our specific requirements, which made the decision a lot easier."

Don Myers
Assistant Controller
Sungard Availability Services

Automate key financial functions


Financial processes are time-consuming and error-prone, leading to bottlenecks and a delayed monthly close


Complementary Solutions

Use the following services in conjunction with our Workflow Automation™ powered by Hyland solution or on a standalone basis. Whatever your choice, you’ll be taking key steps towards a more digital way of working.

Document Capture: Convert paper documents into digital files on an up-front or as-needed basis. Learn More

Backfile and Day Forward Document Imaging: Convert existing paper files to digital in bulk, and establish a convenient, cost-effective conversion process to automatically image future documents. Learn More about Day Forward and Backfile

Digital Record Center: Store digital content in a variety of formats — including document images, electronic office documents, printed output and audio and video files—in a secure digital repository.Learn More

Records Storage: Store physical documents in a secure Iron Mountain Records Center and retrieve when you need them. Learn More

Secure Shredding: Destroy unneeded paper-based records and media in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way. Learn More

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