Information Privacy

Privacy in the Information Lifecycle

How you manage your information throughout its lifecycle is key to the success of your privacy program.


Privacy is a part of virtually every component in the information lifecycle, from the creation or receipt of data, to using it within workflows or for analysis, and ultimately determining appropriate storage and disposal requirements.

Understanding the costs and risks

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. The average cost for each lost/stolen record containing sensitive & confidential information is $148.

Ponemon Institute, “Cost of a Data Breach Study” 2018.
Did You Know? 

Since the enforcement of the GDPR, there have been approximately 90,000 separate data breach notifications.

Source: European Data Protection Board 
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There was a global profusion of new data privacy laws in 2018.

 Here's a roundup of the major changes.
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is influencing how states protect people's personal information and what that means for businesses everywhere.
Your Information Lifecycle

The key to a successful privacy program is to manage your information throughout its lifecycle with strong governance rooted in policy. A strong information lifecycle management program is vital to protecting customer privacy and business success. We offer solutions for each and every part of your journey. Click around to learn more.

Ensuring and maintaining data privacy is more important than ever before. Explore our top privacy assets:
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