Automating Information Governance

Automating Information Governance

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According to a recent AIIM industry watch report, 53% of organizations see automation of information governance processes as “highly important” or a “game changer”.

$3.92 million

average cost of a data breach globally

25,575 records

average size of a data breach


average cost for each lost/stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information

- Ponemon Institute, “Cost of a Data Breach Study”, 2019.

Increasing privacy regulations are driving the need for organizations to think more strategically about their information governance programs. Automating your information governance processes can help your organization comply with privacy regulations by:

  • consistently applying policy to your documents
  • automatically disposing documents according to their retention rules.


Solutions for Automating Information Governance
Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution is a cloud-based retention and privacy policy management platform that provides a user-friendly way for you to know your obligations and show compliance. Our customers want the ability to automate information governance within their content services platform. Through the Policy Center integration with Iron Mountain InSight® and Workflow Automation powered by Hyland, you’ll protect your organization from risks associated with compliance, security and privacy lapses.

Still have paper in your organization? Transform your workplace to a paper-less environment with Iron Mountain Clean Start®.

Looking for guidance on how to accelerate your information governance program? Our Information Governance Advisory Services combine technology with our deep expertise and broad experience.

What are the best practices for automating information governance?

AIIM surveyed information professionals to explore the increasing connection between information governance and strategy. The research examined the key trends in information governance, including automating core information governance processes.

Automating Information Governance


Discover the key trends with Information Governance and how leading organizations are structuring their strategies around them
Get a glimpse of the 10 things you need to know about automating information governance


Get a glimpse of the 10 things you need to know about automating information governance