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As part of Iron Mountain’s on-going assessment of the Federal records management market, we are constantly looking at analysis, market studies and research, to better understand Agency pain points and where industry can make improvements.

In May of 2015, AIIM (www.aiim.org) partnered with Iron Mountain to release a study, “What will it take to be a nextGen InfoPro?” which uncovered the importance of leveraging technology, participating in security and privacy activities, and improving operational efficiencies to be ready for next generation information management.

This study, “Constructing the Next Generation Information Management Professional” gives you results from a Federal audience perspective on the same issues. Are Federal RIM professionals ready?

What is it going to take for Federal agencies to construct the next generation of information management professionals? Check out this video to learn more.

Constructing the Next Generation Information Management Professional Infographic

Next Generation Information Management Is The Government Constructing A Solid Foundation White Paper

Constructing the Next Generation Information Management Professional Report