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The Time to Rethink Your Data Management Strategy has Come. That Time Is Now.

The infrastructure, processes and technologies healthcare IT leaders put in place today will determine how quickly and effectively your organization is able to realize its vision of driving improved outcomes through greater interoperability, predictive analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Don't’ Let the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem Outgrow Your Data Management Plan.

Data is growing. Cybersecurity risks are increasing. And the needs of the healthcare industry are rapidly evolving. In order to keep up with the changing requirements of today's digital healthcare environment, you must foundationally and fundamentally RETHINK how you are managing and protecting your ever-expanding ecosystem of disparate systems and data sets.

Rethink Storage: Contain Storage Costs As Data Grows

Storing all of your data in the cloud is expensive, especially since most data is inactive.

With Iron Mountain’s multi-tiered data storage solutions you can deploy the right form of protection for each type of data across your organization's information ecosystem to meet a wide range of recovery objectives and drive down long term storage costs.

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Did you know?

According to the Wall Street Journal, storing electronic medical records, payment, and insurance data in a single place increases potential damage from ransomware attackers.

Rethink Business Continuity: Don’t React to Ransomware; Prepare.

Malware and ransomware can quickly work across the network. That means if it’s connected, it has some level of vulnerability - and that includes your short-term backups and long-term archives.

With Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage, an ultra-low cost, fully-managed solution for inactive data, you can keep data offline and offsite in a climate-controlled vault. Should ransomware come knocking to take your data hostage, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you have an untouchable copy that can be quickly restored to get your organization back up and running. No egress fees make it easy to move your inactive data to an air-gapped solution that solves security and compliance challenges.

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Not- So- Fun fact

COVID-19 has got cyberattacks are on the rise. After beginning an anti-body drug trial, one healthcare provider saw attempts to access its server nearly triple, from roughly 10,000 attempts per day to 70,000.


Rethink Workload Migration: Improve Data Portability Across All Media and Clouds

With so many types of media, systems and clouds, vendor lock-in can quickly snowball into a big - not to mention an expensive - headache.

Data Restoration and Migration Services offer fully-managed services to help identify, move, restore, and migrate data stored on tape and other media types to disk or the cloud – bridging the gap between physical and digital -- and all while ensuring you retain ready access to your data.

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Secure IT Asset Disposition

Recycle, remarket or dispose of your IT assets

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Iron Cloud Data Protection

Backup and recover data on any application or device

Iron Mountain Cloud Archive

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Active cloud data storage


Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage

Strengthen cyber recovery and cost-effectively store inactive data
Data Restoration And Migration

Data Restoration and Migration

Restore and migrate data in and out of the cloud