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Information Lifecycle Management

Change your information lifecycle, change your life.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) means taking a comprehensive approach to managing your organization’s information by understanding its. location and purpose at every phase of its life – from creation to disposition. Sit in on a session with Lifecycle Coach Max David as he helps you master these phases and realize just how valuable you are to your organization.


ILM means taking a comprehensive approach to managing your organization’s information by understanding its location and purpose at every phase of its life – from the moment it’s first created to the time in which it can be disposed. 

Watch the video, download the guide and read the article to learn how you can start – or improve – an ILM process with your information. 

The key to Getting Started "Believe in Yourself"

Once you understand the importance of information lifecycle management (ILM), it will crystallize your role in the organization’s operations. Your ability to minimize risk means you can have a profound effect on business success and organizational goals. 

View the video “Believe in Yourself” and download the guide to see the four steps you can take to get support in implementing ILM. The ILM Information Economics Academy course details the importance of information lifecycle management and provides action items you can apply in your organization.

Combating the "Keep Everything" Culture "Learn to let go"

As many as 75% of organizations have a “keep everything” culture; whether they don’t know when and how to dispose of information or are just afraid to do it, keeping everything can lead to some serious problems. So, how do you let go? The key is to understand the underlying reasons for the behavior. Most often is has to do with a lack of formalized procedures or policies. 

Watch the video and download the guide to learn more about the issues associated with keeping everything and policies to help drive behavioral change. Download the case study to learn how one organization successfully changed their culture. 

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Moving Storage OFfsite "Accept Help"

Many organizations have anxiety about relinquishing control of key functions surrounding information management, most notably, storage. But keeping all your information in physical storage onsite is getting more costly and less practical every day. The smart move is going offsite for information storage, whether its physical storage, tapes or in the cloud.

View the video and download the guide to learn about issues associated with keeping storage on-site and recommendations for using off-site storage.  Download the white paper - 8 reasons to outsource information management for compliance professionals – to better understand why you should outsource your storage. 

Mastering metadata "Stay in control"

A big key to information lifecycle management (ILM), is not letting information “get away” from you. And the key to staying in control is metadata – data about data.

Watch the video and download the guide to learn the critical role metadata plays and the elements of an effective standard. For practical advice, download the best practices guide: Getting it right from the start: Top tips on managing metadata for better access to your records.

Evolving Challenges and Roles "Be open to change"

Even if you feel like you’re in control and have a sound system in place, information lifecycle management (ILM) will always involve change. However, you can’t always predict these changes so you have to be prepared for them.

View the "Be Open to Change" video and download the guide for tips on helping to manage change. The on-demand webinar provides real-life customer examples of the process and benefit of ILM across the organization.

Make Room for Ideas

Move from storage and shredding to innovating and problem solving. Accelerating your RIM program can help you think more creatively by illuminating intellectual assets right in front of you – and by clearing up space in your facility and your mind so you’re freer to focus on other challenges.

You can make room for ideas by:
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  • turning information into more accessible intelligence
  • automating cumbersome RIM processes
  • letting go of unneeded files – and stress
  • aligning the thinking of everyone around you
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