The Future of HR Technology

Transform Your HR Department.

In a recent study, HR professionals have cited Analytics and Employee Self-Service as the top 2 areas technology
will play the greatest role over the next several years.

Analytics can increase HR productivity by accelerating onboarding, identifying great talent and enabling compliance with both privacy and record retention. 

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Employee Self-Service
Employee self-service can increase your HR productivity by eliminating manual processes, improving your employee service level and protecting your organization from risks associated with compliance, security and privacy lapses.
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HOW WILL THE HR FUNCTION CHANGE IN THE FUTURE? WHAT DOES HR NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO ADVANCE? surveyed HR professionals to see how well they are positioned to thrive in the future. The research examined the roles in which HR professionals are succeeding and struggling, the skills gaps HR is faced with and the recent evolution of HR technologies.

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Discover the major findings from the research and the key takeaways that organizations should take to prepare for the future
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Attain HR excellence by expanding skill sets and identifying key roles

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Learn about the skill gaps and external challenges HR faces and how leveraging technology to mitigate these factors will prepare for you the future
How automated is Human Resources today? What are the drivers pushing HR process automation?

Key decisions made by today’s HR professionals will shape the industry over the next several years.

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