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Iron Mountain Secure Shredding services can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information disposal solution – offsite or onsite.


For over 55 years Iron Mountain has helped organizations large and small to manage the risk and costs of records management while reducing complexity. We understand the value of your information, as well as the challenges you face managing it. Our 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 37 countries across 5 continents. We service over 100,000 organizations ranging from global industry leaders to local businesses, treating every client's information as if it were our own.

Our portfolio of services is the largest in our industry. services that are designed to complement your policies and function as a seamless extension of your organization the physical design of our facilities along with the most comprehensive security programs, inventory control, and integrity systems in the industry served to protect the information you entrust with us. Improper information destruction and disposal represent a major risk for businesses today. Many federal and state laws require companies to securely destroy confidential or personally identifiable information. The proper steps must be taken to ensure that information intended for disposal is securely and permanently destroyed to an unreadable non-recoverable form.

Iron Mountain's secure shredding is a simple cost-effective way to reduce your exposure to risk and protect your company's reputation. More than 73,000 customers throughout North America rely on Iron Mountain's secure shredding services. We shred over 40,000 pounds of material per month throughout our network of secure shredding facilities and our recycling efforts helped save over 4 million trees every year.

Security is a way of life at Iron Mountain. As a result we have developed the InControl secure transportation platform. InControl protects your information while in transit with patent-pending security, real time tracking and an auditable chain of custody. Let's go inside Iron Mountain to see how it all works.

We place locked collection containers at strategic locations throughout your offices. We also provide customer communication and education tools to help raise employee awareness and promote adoption. Each container, whether a shredding bin or console, has a unique barcode that it scanned when it is serviced by our driver. Using a real time wireless scanner, the driver captures and records service information. To signify and confirm materials transferred to Iron Mountain custody, the driver collects your electronic signature. This electronic signature becomes part of a verifiable audit trail that is transmitted in real time to Iron Mountain using wireless technology.

Our driver transports the containers to a protected shredding facility in a secure Iron Mountain vehicle. The documents remain locked in collection containers until their arrival at an Iron Mountain secure shredding facility, where they are immediately co-mingled with millions of other documents. Precision commercial equipment is used to shred documents in a 2-stage process. Materials are first cut into strips, then cross-shredded to ensure a complete destruction. The shredded materials have been bailed and securely transported to a pulping mill for recycling. In addition to paper and cardboard we can securely destroy plastics, such as computer disks, CD-roms, DVDs, backup and videotapes, microfiche, X-Rays ID badges and bank cards.

Following service completion, Iron Mountain provides customers with a certificate of destruction, recorded on their monthly invoice. For customers that require witnessed destruction of materials, Iron Mountain also offers an onsite secure shredding service option. And Iron Mountain mobile shredding unit destroys documents and other paper-based materials on your premises. You can witnessed the destruction process using an onboard closed circuit television system. Iron Mountain provides customers with a certificate of destruction recorded on your monthly invoice.

Security is a way of life at Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain secure shredding facilities are protected by perimeter access control, motion sensors, and break in detection. Every entrance is protected by dual security layers. For visitors and employees, the first layer is the men trap. Here, visitors must be recognized before being allowed to enter. Visitors with legitimate Iron Mountain business are asked to produce government-issued ID and must wear a special visitor's badge. All visits are documented in the daily log kept by each facility. These visitors require an escort at all times. Movement within the facilities entrance and egress points is access control directly by Iron Mountain.

Security precautions are extensive. Even drivers entering the loading area must pass through several security layers. This locked perimeter fence can only be opened from inside the building after a driver has been positively identified. We use closed circuit television as an added measure of security and safety. Video images are recorded 24 hours a day than archived for 90 days.

Iron Mountain employees undergo background checks and drug screening as a condition of employment. Many must meet additional job specific requirements such as motor vehicle record and operator safety checks. All personnel sign strict confidentiality agreements to further protect your company interests. An effective information disposal program extends beyond the simple handling and shredding of documents. By developing a customized program tailored to your needs, Iron Mountain helps manage the risks associated with the destruction of sensitive information.

Iron Mountain secure shredding services offer you a proven solution for managing the compliant destruction of sensitive information. Iron Mountain; protecting the world's information.

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