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Digitize, share, and collaborate on Iron Mountain InSight® Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

May 4, 20236 mins
Iron Mountain Scan and Store solution brief


Today, organizations need to prepare for a scalable digital future, but much of their important, usable data is still locked up in paper documents that are difficult for employees to access or use. Organizations have difficulties managing multiple, growing information systems; securing the information they’ve gathered; and then finding and accessing that data – especially in hybrid work environments as real estate reduction continues to be a business priority. And, as transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) become mainstream, organizations will feel more pressure to digitize their information as that is the only path to AI.


The impact of digitization cannot be overstated. Managing paper documents costs organizations both time and money: For example, one Iron Mountain InSight customer reported saving up to 26,000 hours per year1 through increased employee collaboration with digital documents.

What if you could

With competition growing and employee work models changing, businesses need to accelerate their digitization strategies. This change is complicated for many of them. But what if you could use a digitization and digital storage solution to:

  • Prepare your business for an accelerated, scalable transformation into a more efficient future?
  • Deliver robust, secure access to documents and information anytime, anywhere?
  • Boost productivity, easily searching for, finding, and sharing documents from any location?

Reduce time and effort to find your information

Leverage the combined power of physical document scanning and secure digital storage in the Iron Mountain InSight Digital Experience Platform (DXP). InSight DXP grows with your business, offering a comprehensive platform enabling you to expand your capabilities as your requirements change, including the ability to increase digital storage, number of users, and functionality, such as workflow automation.

As markets intensify and new technologies such as AI help companies leverage their information to accelerate time to market, Iron Mountain can empower organizations, instantly enabling digitization. You can have secure, digital access to your documents from within Iron Mountain InSight DXP, a secure, cloud-based SaaS platform.

This solution encompasses the full consumption of and access to your documents from within a secure, robust cloud environment. Our scanning services, whether handled on your site or ours, can scale up to digitize even massive amounts of physical documents.

Once converted, documents are stored in our secure cloud platform, InSight DXP, which adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), so that your confidential data stays that way. As your business transitions to an electronic document format, our optical character recognition (OCR) technology unlocks the data stored in documents, and our generative AI (genAI)-powered chat helps your organization leverage this information to accelerate access and insights. An intuitive client portal gives administrators control over the data being brought into and used within the system, providing rolebased access control and extensive reporting for administrators as well as robust search capabilities for users.

You can streamline operations, connect data, improve operational resilience, and downsize real estate requirements, all while also reducing costs. These powerful capabilities can be set up in minutes through our InSight DXP self-service portal.

Clear business benefits

The benefits to businesses that use this solution from Iron Mountain are clear.

  • Prepare for a scalable transformation future: By starting on the InSight DXP Essential version of a comprehensive platform, you can easily expand your capabilities on the same platform as your requirements change. Businesses today recognize that they can’t be experts in everything, but they must be experts in their core competencies. Organizations can rely on document leader Iron Mountain, which handles more than 2.4 billion images annually through 135 global imaging sites, to handle their transition to a digital future while the organization focuses on what it does best.
  • Securely access and protect your information: Your information is your business – and that’s why we built a secure, robust, NIST CSF-compliant SaaS cloud platform. By protecting your information, we are protecting your business. Our role-based access control provides only the right people access to the right data; and keys that you hold protect the full encryption of data both in transmission and at rest.
  • Quickly search and find information in your documents: With Iron Mountain InSight, customers report 40% faster document access time.1 Get the information you need in seconds through intelligent search and quick document summarization, using genAI-powered chat. You’ll be able to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.
Although 61.9% of companies are planning more remote work now and in the years to come,2 hybrid and remote workforces struggle to access documents quickly and securely. The roughly 80% of employees working outside of the office, either part- or full-time,3 need digitization.
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