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Securely store your physical and electronic records, media tapes, vital records and other assets offsite, with easy access when needed.
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All organizations produce records and those records are an important part of the business function. As we live in the Information Age, record storage and management has become increasingly complex due to the wide array of formats information comes in and the numerous applications where it is stored. 

Adding to the complexity are ever expanding compliance requirements that make professional management of records a must. Secure record storage is an ideal solution for organizations that need to store, protect and manage their information.


Setting the standard for reliable and secure offsite record storage since 1951, Iron Mountain offers a variety of options to meet your business’ needs. These options include:


Offsite Records Storage

Offsite records storage delivers solutions that help you preserve and protect your records in highly secure and compliant facilities

Clean Start

Designed to transform your workplace, our Clean Start program helps you to navigate a variety of real estate changes, including office closures, occupancy in a new space or reconfiguration of your existing space

Records Storage Boxes

Our records storage boxes provide quick access to your inventory and improve governance with RFID technology

Project Services

Iron Mountain project services help with short-term records engagements requiring special handling of records. Services also include shredding, document recovery and building clean out services  

Legal and Vital Records Storage

Provides dedicated space that is resistant to seismic activity, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural and man-made disasters, and employs environmental control systems tailored to paper and other media
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File Room Solutions

Our File Room solutions replicate your onsite file room within an offsite, secure document storage environment using your filing system – with retrievals, refiles, interfiles and dropfiling performed by our expert staff
Offsite Tape Vaulting open graph - tapes being put into a wall

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Offsite tape vaulting services provide data protection solutions for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup media from a secure, offsite facility
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Emergency response storage and delivery

our organization needs to be ready to respond quickly in an emergency. First responders and medical professionals require equipment and supplies to support others during natural disasters, medical emergencies and/or pandemics, like COVID-19. This means easy access to a stockpile of inventory.
Iron Mountain Secure Business Storage and Delivery  for Retail, Wholesale & Distribution- Woman in a warehouse

Secure Business Storage and Delivery

Refine your inventory storage and delivery strategy to mitigate the risk of supply shortages

Iron Mountain® Project Services

Records and Information Management (RIM) is complex — your information is growing rapidly and improperly managed records increase your costs for discovery, litigation and storage.

“Transitioning to an offsite records management solution was a collective, strategic decision by our organization. We wanted to be in a better position in terms of records management. Our growth, planning for risk reduction and desire to move our records offsite as part of our business continuity plan led us to Iron Mountain.”

Mike Carney, Vice President of Operations, AST
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