Securely and easily access and manage your records online with Iron Mountain’s inventory management and reporting.

Records Storage and Management

Inventory Management and Reporting

Securely and easily access and manage your records online

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Make more informed business decisions based on your inventory

You use your company's information to enable business decisions. However, keeping all of this information on hand is difficult to manage, takes up valuable work space, and poses potential risks to your business.

You need a strategy to access and use your records, knowing that different types of records may require a different strategy. Based on what information you have, where it resides and how you want to use it now and in the future, Iron Mountain can help you select the solution that fits your business needs.

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  • 66%

    More than half of knowledge workers indicated that they spent at least 15% of their day searching for information.

    (Source: Delphi Group. “The High Cost Of Knowledge.” 2010.)

Why prioritize inventory management and reporting?

  • Get control of your information, but pass off the hassle of maintaining it on your own
  • Reallocate resources used today in favor of having a leader in information management take care of it for you.
  • Repurpose onsite space currently used to store information—whether it’s physical or electronic records—and safely and securely store it offsite with a trusted vendor
  • Store your information and retain continuous access to that information for as long you need

Choose from these platforms:

Iron Mountain Connect is an online customer hub that helps you manage your physical records.

Iron Mountain Connect


The Iron Mountain Mobile app lets you track orders and receive alerts on your smartphone about your records inventory.

Iron Mountain Mobile app

Inventory management and reporting customers  gain secure 24/7 access to their information with Iron Mountain ConnectTM.

Manage your physical records online—anytime, anywhere

Gain secure 24/7 access with Iron Mountain Connect

You keep your physical and electronic records for a good reason; contained within them are the answers you need to drive your business forward.

In today’s highly complex and interconnected world, your company is creating more information for you to manage. But are you confident that you can quickly find information when you need to?

Iron Mountain Connect is Iron Mountain’s online customer hub that helps you manage your information digitally. Our customers use this tool to place orders, run activity reports, and access inventory data—anytime, from anywhere.

Through this innovative online information management tool, users can easily link to the features they need to manage their offsite records and shred programs as well as their assets in escrow.

Software features

The Iron Mountain Connect hub is your gateway to the innovative tools and technologies you need to manage your information. Depending on the services you select, you’ll be given access to specific applications.

Use the list of capabilities to determine the applications you’ll need to fulfill your business requirements.

We strive to create a great customer experience by routinely adding and enhancing our current offerings. Look for future additions to this list for features that will help you better manage your information management program.

*Standard services are based on the line of business solutions you selected as part of your service agreement with Iron Mountain.

Supported Applications Key Capabilities Standard Service* Value Add Service
Iron Mountain Connect
  • Access the tools and resources you need to manage your records and shred programs
  • Use the Contact Us request form to contact Iron Mountain for assistance 24/7
  • View training, videos, and tutorials to help manage your information
  • Receive news on the latest updates from Iron Mountain, including new feature releases
Iron Mountain Connect Manage Users
  • Control access to applications and records to prevent information from ending up in the wrong hands
  • Create, modify, and manage users and privileges across divisions, departments, and locations
Records management
  • Find the records you need fast with our innovative search technology; place an order to retrieve records; request a records pickup; and order supplies
  • Gain visibility into the performance of your records and information management program
  • Streamline adoption of your company’s retention policy, ensuring compliance
Shredding center
  • Manage your shred activities by viewing scheduled visits and pending shredding orders at your convenience
  • Make shredding requests, add a new location, close an existing location, or change frequency of service via Shredding Center's online request form
Report center
  • Run Records Management reports, including account activity, destruction eligibility, inventory, records program activities, and program cost
  • Run Shredding Reports, including Scheduled Visits, Shredding Trends, and Program Monitoring
Escrow management
  • Access your technology escrow agreement information
  • Review account information such as deposit data and beneficiary enrollments, conduct escrow transactions, and view imaged documents
  • Improve critical response time with faster access to your customer information
Governance risk and compliance service
  • Manage cost and compliance with an online retention schedule, updated automatically and powered by quality-controlled legal data
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your information management program with a tool that analyzes your organization’s processes and compares your results to benchmark best practices
  • Educate yourself on the latest trends in information management and governance with a series of e-learning courses

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Iron Mountain Mobile

Save time by placing and tracking record orders with your mobile device

Easily track and manage your orders anywhere with our mobile app. It helps you stay informed about your record orders using your smartphone or tablet.

With the app, you can place pickup or Iron Mountain Image On Demand orders, and receive notifications about the status of your orders.

System requirements:

  • Apple® iOS 10+ or Android®; 7+ mobile software
  • A valid Iron Mountain Connect username/password
  • Iron Mountain Connect Records Management access and track orders permissions assigned to your user account
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Stay up to date while on the go

Iron Mountain Image on Demand service now available on Iron Mountain Mobile

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Iron Mountain Mobile

Track orders and receive alerts about your records inventory using your smartphone.

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