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Did you know that most new software is being built for the cloud? However, nearly half of IT leaders surveyed thought SaaS is riskier than on-premises software. Whether you’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, subscriber or a lawyer representing either of these parties – chances are you’re no stranger to the risks and challenges associated with adopting cloud applications.

Most companies today rely on SaaS solutions for one or more vital aspects of their business. As a subscriber, the benefits of SaaS are hard to ignore, but cloud-based software is not without risk. As a SaaS provider, you realize these risks give subscribers pause. Can you credibly answer questions about what happens to your customers’ applications and data if your code gets corrupted or your company goes under?

What if you could…

  • Safeguard your business with a comprehensive SaaS protection solution?
  • Ensure access to data and applications for your subscribers?
  • Gain confidence, knowing that you are prepared for any contingency?
  • Drive more revenue by addressing the real concerns?
Iron Mountain’s SaaSProtect® Solution for Business Continuity services offer a disaster recovery and risk management solution for companies involved on both sides of SaaS relationships. By ensuring application continuity and data availability, we help to foster trust between all parties – and make peace of mind an attainable goal.

Get Help Navigating Software through the Cloud
Iron Mountain offers complimentary consulting services to assist our clients with the planning and implementation of SaaS technology solutions and best practices for application continuity and contingency planning.


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Premium Content Datasheets and Brochures Safeguard your SaaS Applications and Data with SaaSprotect®

Safeguard your SaaS Applications and Data with SaaSprotect®

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Premium Content Datasheets and Brochures Give Your Subscribers Confidence In Their SaaS Applications

Give Your Subscribers Confidence In Their SaaS Applications

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