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The e-Discovery Ostrich: Keeping Your Head Above the Sand

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The e-Discovery Ostrich: Keeping Your Head Above the Sand

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2. Properly tagged metadata

Metadata matters! Efficient tagging of content as it is filed, stored and archived can significantly speed up the e-discovery process - whether the searching is being done manually or electronically. Again, planning is required - as is a well thought out taxonomy and metadata classification scheme. This makes the tagging process easier to execute and facilitates fast retrieval of data directly from the metadata.

Building this into a digitisation process works well, whether in-house or as part of an outsourced operation.

3. Managed e-discovery solutions

AIIM research has shown that over half of organisations (53%) are still reliant on manual processes for e-discovery searches across file shares, email and physical records.

A managed data restoration service can help organise and manage your electronic data so that when there is an e-discovery request, you'll be ready quickly and at a lower cost.

4. Systems testing

The key to any e-discovery solution is to test it regularly. By doing this you can ensure your systems are not only effective, but that your staff know how to operate them - unless of course you are using an outsourced provider for a managed service, in which case that company will be regularly testing its systems on your behalf.

E-discovery often induces ostrich-like ignorance – the "bury your head in the sand and deal with it when it arrives" approach. This can be at least partially attributed to the GC or AGC issuing the mandate – and then thinking that their work is done. While the arrival of an e-discovery mandate will never be the most pleasant of experiences, but planning and investing in external experts can make the process run more smoothly. The cash-strapped AGC or GC should be spearheading any internal initiative to make the e-discovery process more effective. Optimising retention and management processes of both paper and electronic records is an excellent place to start. So take your head out of the sand. It's time to let that e-discovery ostrich persona go.

Learn more about how to start your e-Discovery process. Watch the video.

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