Physical Meets Digital

Physical Meets Digital

Learn to navigate through the new information management landscape

Physical Meets Digital
Physical Meets Digital

Physical Meets Digital

Learn to navigate through the new information management landscape



Before Registration

Registration process: how, where and when?

To register for an upcoming webinar, simply follow the link in your email invite, and fill out the information fields. This can be done any time before the start of the session. Simply add the invite to your calendar, to join on the day of the webinar!

  Do I have to register for each session, or just once?

As #PhysicalMeetsDigital is one event, you only need to register once! This registration opts you in to any sessions you wish to attend, and has the same universal join link. If you want to join any local sessions in different languages, you will have to register for these separately.

What kind of content should I expect?

#PhysicalMeetsDigital focuses on digital transformation, and best practices to tackle the new information management landscape. Over the four months of sessions, you can expect to engage with industry experts and peers who will serve as guides in ascending the summit of today’s information landscape—helping to navigate the costs and risk of managing physical and digital information, comply with ever-changing industry regulations and gain greater control, access and visibility over information.

Once you are registered, you can join as many or as few sessions as you want.


Once Registered

Do I need any log in credentials, or need to give any further information?

No login is required. After you register for the event, you only need to follow the join link to attend the session.

Can I unregister to certain topics that I am not interested in, or do I need to go to all or none?

Once you are registered, you can go to as many or as little sessions as you want. There is no need to re-register or un-register.


Before Session

Joining: where/what is required on my end?

Simply open your calendar file, as you would a Skype meeting, and follow the Zoom link included in the invite. This link will bring you to the Zoom platform, where you will become an attendee.

Will I be audio/visual capable?

As an attendee of the session, you will be muted upon entry with no capability of video. The host of the session can grant you permission to speak and unmute you, if they wish.

Can I go on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you may go on behalf of someone else, as the join link is not unique to the registrant.


During Session

How do I ask a question?

Open the Q&A box on the bottom of your screen, and type your question in the question field.

How do I vote on a poll?

Should the host add a poll, it is immediately interactive, and you can click on the option that you choose. The host can then choose to share the results with the attendees, and you will see the results of the poll pop up on your screen.

What if I have to join late/leave early?

You can join or leave the session at any time. The session will be recorded, and shared with all attendees once it is over.


After Session

Where do I find the recording, and can I share or save it?

The recording will be saved to the Cloud, on the Zoom server as a link. This link can be shared with attendees post-session.


I still have a question, who do I contact after the session is over?

You can send any enquiries to