Prioritise security, sustainability, and brand protection
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Prioritise security, sustainability, and brand protection
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Failure to properly dispose of IT equipment can have serious consequences for your data, the environment, and your brand reputation. Go the extra step with your IT asset disposition program and ensure security and sustainability with a program that includes recycling, remarketing and compliant destruction of retired IT assets.

Secure Data destruction (SDD) or data erasure is foundational to data protection and supporting compliance. Simply getting a certificate of destruction is not enough without adhering to compliance standards. Failure to follow proper standards could lead to reputation damage and financial fines. As per the NIST 800-88 guidelines for media sanitization, degaussing is the recommended method for purging data on magnetic media.

Explore our Secure ITAD Services

We partner with certified recyclers who safely, ethically and responsibly recycle IT assets

Certified recyclers for UK 

We also confirm compliance with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) for IT assets, which encourages the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

All Blancco data sanitization conforms to the current NIST 800-88; HMG/ CESG; DOD standards. Working with Blancco as a Platinum Partner means we can also anticipate future changes in legislation and ensure products for sanitization are both up-to-date and available in a timely manner.


What Makes Iron Mountain’s Secure IT Asset Disposition Different

  • Secure Chain-of-Custody: Track assets as they are processed through each secure checkpoint up to the final processing and receive an auditable certificate of destruction.
  • National & Global Footprint: With 3,500 trucks in the US and a global reach operating in dozens of countries across five continents we support your needs at scale
  • Environmental Sustainability: Feel secure knowing that as an e-Stewards Enterprise we work with e-Stewards or R2 certified partner organisations that follow the strictest environmental and data privacy guidelines
  • Protect Your Brand: Protecting critical information for decades, information management is all we do. Iron Mountain is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 1000

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Secure ITAD Capabilities For Healthcare

With Iron Mountain, you can centralize secure IT asset disposition (ITAD) management, have consistency and gain global visibility through one enterprise-wide portal.

Customer Success Story



Mott MacDonald wanted a single, global process to securely dispose of end-of-life, data-bearing assets. Other key drivers were minimising the risk of reputational damage from data loss, licenced software being used inappropriately and sustainability and income through responsible IT recycling.


Iron Mountain Secure IT Asset Disposition (Secure ITAD) ensures remarketing and destruction of old IT equipment and offers asset tracking throughout the entire journey. The service allows disposal costs to be offset against items sold at best market rates.


IT teams don’t have to dismantle or wipe old hardware, leaving more time for innovation. Employees get the latest technology sooner. The business benefits from higher productivity, reduced risk of data breaches, smaller carbon footprint and sustainable practice. It also stands to realise £500,000 in annual revenue once all sites are onboarded.

Your Secure ITAD Program

Standardising your ITAD Program Just Got Easier

  • Be Confident with Online Portal Access – easy access to place an order, have complete visibility for all sites and equipment, and view reporting
  • Be a Leader with World Class Logistics and Processing – secure trackable Iron Mountain fleet with patented systems and processes support best-in-class disposition
  • Enjoy Consistency Across All Sites – maintain consistency with operations, processing, reporting, and a point of contact
  • Rest Easy with Pre-Approved Rates –understand costs in advance with pre approved rates

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Mobile Onsite Destruction

Ideal for organisations requiring immediate or witnessed on-premises destruction of confidential materials

  • Ultra-secure: Materials are transported to a specially equipped mobile shredding vehicle parked onsite, where you can watch the entire destruction process from the truck’s onboard closed-circuit television system.
  • State-of-the-art: Mobile destruction vehicles are outfitted with precision destruction equipment and comprehensive security controls.
  • Verifiable: A certificate of destruction is issued that proves your materials have been thoroughly destroyed
  • Sustainable: Shredded materials are recycled in a secure, environmentally-friendly manner.
SITAD- An Iron Mountain truck

Secure IT Asset Disposition Services

IT Asset Remarketing

Maximise the value of retired IT assets through refurbishment, data sanitisation, and reselling at market price

 Reduce total cost of ownership while fully maintaining security and sustainability requirements

e-Waste Recycling

Assets are demanufactured into commodity categories

Adhere to the strictest guidelines including a no-overseas and no-landfill policy

Media Destruction – Bulk or Serialised

Flexible destruction option include onsite or offsite capabilities

 Data bearing media and hard drives 

Additional ITAD Services

Customise your ITAD program with these additional services
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Onsite Audit

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Data Centre Services

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Data Erasure

Deinstallation and Removal

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