Iron Mountain is here to help with your covid-19 related challenges

Achieve Organizational Resilience Through COVID-19 and Beyond

The health and safety of our customers and employees remains our top priority during this time. We continue to take appropriate steps consistent with our COVID-19 preparedness plan and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines so our customers, communities and employees remain healthy.

We’re dedicated to helping you on your journey through and back from the COVID pandemic. Whether it’s to digitize your records and securely send them to your remote workforce, address supply chain disruptions or rethink your office space, we’re here to help.

Below are solutions and educational resources, including global regulatory guidance for handling personal data during COVID. You can also hear how Iron Mountain is responding to COVID-19 from our CEO Bill Meaney.

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Learn more about the various ways we can help you securely address your COVID-19 challenges:
Office space transformation |Iron Mountain

Office space transformation

Limit contact in workplaces by making more room for employees, visitors and vendors to keep a safe social distance. Enable office reconfiguration and closures through packing, distribution and storage options.
Home Office

Remote workforce

With an influx of remote workers, employees need more support and services in core areas: data security, data protection and assistance in digital delivery of essential information, including mailrooms - regardless of whether those files or records are stored on or offsite. We’ve got you covered.
Two people talking to each other

Operational continuity and acceleration

Operational resilience is your organization’s ability to withstand - and recover from - disruptions. Covid-19 has shown that most disaster recovery or business continuity plans have gaps in them. Filling the gaps will require a fresh look at policy as well as an accelerated dependence on technology.
New Supply Chain

Transportation, inventory management and supply chain

Every business is different with unique supply chain needs. Whether it’s inventory, raw materials, safety materials or valuable assets, we can secure your traditional or speciality items, help you monitor and move inventory, and take care of any specialized kitting and fulfillment services.

COVID-19: It's not about the setback. It's about the comeback.

We’re all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our employees are adjusting to new ways of working. Our customers are partnering with us to face new challenges. Healthcare and essential workers are risking their lives to protect us. But it’s not about the setback. It’s about the comeback. We’re coming back in ways we never imagined. Watch the video to see how we’re changing the COVID conversation, to one of hope and resilience.

Educational Resources


Enable a home-based workforce

How to Keep Your WFH Employees Safe from New Cybersecurity Attacks

remote worker

Guidelines for Information Security and Records Management for Remote Workers

Beware of COVID19-themed scams

Beware of Covid-19 Scams

Guidance for COVID-19 Privacy Regulations

Guidance For COVID-19 Privacy Regulations

Telehealth and Privacy in the Time of COVID-19- Woman wearing a mask

Telehealth And Privacy In The Time Of COVID-19

Best Practice Guidance: Information Security and Privacy for Remote Workers in a Time of Crisis

Webinar: Information Security and Privacy in a time of crisis

Data, records and COVID19

Data, Records and COVID-19

Prioritizing CCPA Privacy: Managing Data Retention and Privacy Together- A business woman working on her laptop

Privacy Considerations When Collecting Personal COVID Data

records management

Rules for Keeping COVID-19 Records and Data for the Life of Crisis

The impact of COVID-19 on Records and Information Management (RIM)- An employee with a mask

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Records And Information Management (RIM)

Working From Home

A Practical Guide to Records and Information Management Destruction - A smiling woman

Working from Home During COVID-19: 5 Tips to Keep Your Team Communications Compliant

Group video call

Tips for Secure Video Conferencing During Covid-19

Is There a Touchless Office in Your Future?- A person using a card key

Is There a Touchless Office in Your Future?

Spike in Unemployment Claims Provides New Workflow Challenges- A jobseeker browsing the internet

Spike in Unemployment Claims Provides New Workflow Challenges

2 men sitting at a table pointing at a laptop

Addressing the Benefit Claims Process Challenge

The Age of Digital Mailroom Services- A chat bubble with an email symbol

Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom Gives Paper Mail a Digital Makeover


10 things to do while practicing social distancing- A gap between people holding hands

10 Things To Do While Practicing Social Distancing

Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Retention Schedule- People greeting each other

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health When Working From Home

10 Tips for Entertaining Your Kids During COVID - A happy kis showing his artwork

10 Tips for Entertaining Your Kids During COVID

Business Preparation

Industries - a couple reviewing mortgage documents

Covid-19 Interest Rates Present Mortgage Industry Challenges


How Businesses can Prepare for COVID-19

Business Continuity post covid

Business Continuity Plans Must Evolve for the Post Covid World

Envisioning the Post-Covid Workplace

Drug Shortages and Healthcare Supply Chain Management During Covid-19

Drug Shortages and Healthcare Supply Chain Management During Covid-19

Quest for Business Resilience Gives Rise to new Supply Chain Problem: Space Shortages

Quest for Business Resilience Gives Rise to new Supply Chain Problem: Space Shortages

How Digital Mailroom Services Transform Your Organization to the New Normal of Remote Working- A working woman

How Digital Mailroom Services Transform Your Organization to the New Normal of Remote Working

Pandemic Preparedness Checklist for Businesses Preparing to Reopen- Teamwork illustration

Pandemic Preparedness Checklist For Businesses Preparing To Reopen

Check back regularly, as we will be adding more resources as they are available.