InControl® Solution

InControl® Solution

Iron Mountain continuously invests in technology to improve the information protection and storage services we provide.

Introducing Iron Mountain’s InControl Solution

Applying technology for a higher standard of information protection.

Our InControl Solution combines patented security, tracking and auditable workflow to deliver a higher standard of information protection.

Iron Mountain's InControl Solution is protecting your information in transit through:

  • Prevention — Vehicles in our fleet are outfitted with patented innovations in security technology. These include compartmentalized cargo areas protected by patented locking mechanisms, vehicle alarm systems that feature driver proximity controls, dual key ignition immobilizers and in-motion security detection. For additional quality, we perform employee screenings and background checks, as well as employ standard procedures to deliver consistent service.
  • Early Detection and Correction — Wireless scanning technology protocols serve as an effective foundation for workflow—but should a breakdown occur, InControl can quickly go back and fix any problem.
  • Proof — As information is routed through our delivery platform, Iron Mountain's InControl technology keeps an audit trail to document each transaction. And for further accountability, InControl keeps a delivery audit trail with electronic signatures and automated email service confirmation receipts for orders placed via Iron Mountain Connect™.

Learn how it works

InControl Tour (video)