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Analyze and Unlock Value from Physical and Digital Information

Iron Mountain and Google Cloud are partnering to help organizations analyze and unlock their vast structured and unstructured data repositories. Through innovative content analytics, information management capabilities and cloud-based machine learning, these solutions will lead to enhanced insights, improved decision making and new revenue opportunities.

These solutions enable you to:

Enhance Intelligence

Enhance Intelligence

  • Eliminate the complexity of selecting and managing ML/AI based technology and leverage ready to use ML models to reduce time to use and lower cost of ownership and operation.
  • Use ML/AI based enrichment to enable manual and paper intensive processes.

Quickly Know What You Have

Know What You Have

  • Leverage leading ML/AI classification and enrichment to unlock your physical and digital data, providing you with powerful visual search and content analytics.
  • Gain transparency across digital and physical content that allows for consistent and granular management information.

Apply Consistent Policies

Apply Consistent Policies

  • Classify and enrich data, applying key policies – like who can access it, and for what, when and for how long – as well as context and metadata to make it more valuable.
  • Ensure you have auditable governance in place – backed by Iron Mountain’s Information Governance solutions.

Enable your Business Growth, Compliance, and Digital Transformation Initiatives

By combining Iron Mountain’s nearly 70 years of information management and governance expertise with Google Cloud’s leading machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, you can be confident that your high-value data remains secure, protected and available.

The solution will be commercially available in September 2018. For more information, contact us now.