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Hello Arrow ITAD Customers

Are you an Arrow Customer looking for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services?

We recognize you have suddenly found yourself in the market for a new ITAD partner with Arrow closing its ITAD business. We’re here to immediately help.

As you explore new ITAD provider options, we ask you seek to understand your new provider's security, compliance and environmental responsibility practices.

Questions to ask as you conduct your ITAD vendor search:

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1. What are your security practices?

Look for secure chain-of-custody, auditable verification and strict security practices that include GPS tracking, secure transportation. Also, look for a documented chain-of-custody so you will know the physical location of your assets at all times.

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2. How can you extend my budget through remarketing options?

With remarketing, you can apply dollars back to your IT budget. By doing so, you will be reducing e-waste on your IT assets — including cell phones, laptops, PC’s, servers, and peripherals taking up space around the office- thus protecting the environment.

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3. What happens downstream with my assets?

By partnering with an e-Stewards Enterprise, you can be assured your disposition strategy meets the strictest compliance regulations and ensures that none of your e-waste is exported or landfilled.

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4. Do your capabilities scale across multiple sites and multiple countries?

If you are a large enterprise, look for a vendor with global capabilities.

If you want to learn more about ITAD best practices, please watch this short CIO IDG webcast now.

We believe we will earn your business. Call us when you’re ready. We’re here to help.