Your legacy deserves industry leaders to protect and preserve it
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Your legacy deserves industry leaders to protect and preserve it
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Entertainment Services – Security, Access, Technological Expertise – Now and into the Future

When a film studio, a worldwide media company, or a prestigious academic institution wants to protect and preserve its legacy, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services is the clear choice.

Whether it’s Paramount Pictures or countless other leading media companies and institutions, they turn to Iron Mountain to protect their most critical assets - and make them accessible for future generations.

Ensuring the Security of Your Archive... Now and in the Future.

An archive is a legacy. The safety and preservation of these often-priceless materials cannot be left to chance. Iron Mountain Entertainment Services has industry-leading archive, storage, chain-of-custody processes and preservation facilities that can ensure the complete protection of your assets. Our secure vaults, leading-edge security practices, and technological infrastructure allow us to develop a custom solution for every client – and provide an unparalleled level of safety and peace of mind.

Secure Access and Distribution with a Trusted Partner

We know that an archive is a living thing. Access and distribution of key materials are an integral part of your business – especially in the complex world of today’s media marketplace.

A missed opportunity, a lost master or misplaced tape, can mean the difference between succeeding in a competitive market or falling behind. That’s why Iron Mountain has developed the archive industry’s leading digital archiving system that can ingest, preserve, and distribute your assets globally in digital or physical form. Our Digital Content Repository provides advanced tagging and metadata functionality, archive-wide preview, and controlled access – all while masters are never directly internet-accessible. You won’t need to worry about finding or distributing your assets ever again.

Future-Proof Your Archive

What does the future hold for your archive? As media formats change and digital technology continues to evolve, will your materials be obsolete? With Iron Mountain, media obsolescence is no longer an issue. Along with safety and preservation, your archive will be expertly migrated and managed in the ever-evolving digital world – all without you ever needing to research formats, transfer media, or pay for migration again. Once your assets are in our system you can be sure that your archive will always be available and secure – no matter how media formats change - now and into the future.

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