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Transition to a digital workplace with our enterprise document scanning services. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of organisations through the process of converting paper-based documents to digital files.

A streamlined workflow

Iron Mountain offers a complete solution for document scanning, with a streamlined workflow that’s designed to meet the needs of your business. Documents are scanned and delivered through a secure network, with the ability to separate, consolidate, modify and import documents at any time, even during the format conversion process. Our team is proactive about helping you achieve efficiency targets and will show you where improvements can be made.

World-class technology

Our advanced technology can automatically extract data from forms, read barcodes and handwriting, index documents and integrate seamlessly with your existing document management system. You’ll save time doing these tasks manually and reduce the costs associated with managing and storing the documents in your organisation. The result? Full visibility across your entire business, so you can maintain the integrity of your data at all times.

High-volume format conversion

Our streamlined workflows are ideal for time-sensitive information, or documents that require collaboration among teams. We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy in scanning documents of all types. Our team will design a workflow that suits your organisation, with security protocols in place to ensure the information we manage is protected at all times.

Safe, secure and searchable

Your documents will be scanned and original copies are then stored in a highly-secure environment that maintains compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, best practice standards and quality assurance needs.

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