A message from our ceo

A message from our ceo

Bill Meaney

Dear Customers,

I hope this note finds you healthy and well, and that you and your business are managing through what is among one of the most dynamic situations we’ve seen in a generation.

We all know that performance requires resilience. And it’s resilience that we need most when we’re faced with a pandemic like COVID-19. This is a time when we’re all required to unexpectedly evolve and innovate in ways that bring out the best in us, in the worst of times.

Like you, we at Iron Mountain are taking every step possible to protect our people and communities, while stepping up our efforts to customers at such an important time like this.

We’re driven by our core values, and we’re fueled by a passion to create and serve you in this very crucial time in your business. Right now, we know that you need us to show up on your behalf, and that’s what we’re here to do. You have our commitment and our service, and we’ll deliver for you.

In the spirit of demonstrating this commitment, I want to share with you the actions we’re taking to support your business needs while ensuring our employees are safe:

We’re reserving storage space for critical assets and unanticipated inventory volumes:
  • We’re clearing space and have made floor space available inside our facilities for securing supplies needed by health responders and food and drug retailers, as well as providing overflow storage for businesses now stockpiling inventory due to service or supply chain disruptions.
  • We’re opening access to our campuses and unused truck fleet to provide customers with container storage, making storage space available inside our facilities for critical business use.
We’re enabling your remote workers to maximize productivity, and give them access to the information they need when they need it:
  • We’ve added scalable operational capacity in order to digitize increased volumes of critical documents that your teams need while they’re working remotely. While initial customer demand has been for imaging documents on an on-demand basis, we’re also prepared to provide large scale digitization of onsite file rooms or active records already in storage.
  • In some cases, we’ve dedicated excess office space separate from our operations for our customer's essential employees when their site was unavailable, helping to provide them with necessary business continuity.
We’re ensuring uptime and resiliency for our Data Center customers:
  • We’ve made it easier for you and your teams to limit your time on-site by taking advantage of our SmartHands service, so your employees don’t have to visit our site in person to get the job done.
  • We’re also ready with capacity and are staffed to handle support, upgrades, and new installations if you need additional bandwidth while you support a remote workforce.
We’re practicing safety for our employees and facilities:
  • Closely monitoring the health and wellbeing of our employees and will provide them with the support they need in the event they become ill.
  • Having employees work remotely, whose job responsibilities do not require them to be on-site, in order to ensure optimal working conditions for essential on-site employees.
  • Having clearly defined cleaning protocols in place, with strict sanitization practices for our fleet and facilities to minimize risk of exposure and ensure our employees can work safely.

These are just a few examples of what we’re doing to address the needs of your business in these challenging times. We are 100% committed to the health and safety of our employees and our customers, and the communities that we serve, work, and live in. We’re here to support you with the reliable service and collaborative solutions you’ve come to know and trust. If you need help in any other way, please reach out. It is these kinds of times which bring out the best in our global community as we all stand together. Please accept our very best wishes for you, your loved ones and your organisation.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Meaney
President and CEO
Iron Mountain Inc.