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Learn how Clean Start services can assist you whether you're looking to optimise and modernize your current real estate or navigate the complexities of consolidation.

20 August 20196 mins
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Business challenge

Not only is real estate one of the three biggest expenses for any organisation, it’s also a vital component of the employee experience. Leaders who successfully address the competing demands of controlling real estate costs while providing high performance workspaces gain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. That is why many organisations are implementing space efficiency projects that reduce costs — which can then be reinvested in workplace enhancements.

Your organisation could benefit from transforming workplaces too — but cabinets overflowing with records, prime real estate consumed with files rooms, and closets and offices stuffed with outdated IT assets, office equipment and furniture make it difficult.

You need a clean start.

Workplace transformation begins with a clean start

Cleaning out an entire building — or even just one floor — before beginning any real estate modernisation or consolidation project can be daunting. You have records, assets and equipment that need to be temporarily moved or permanently relocated offsite and outdated material or equipment that needs to be destroyed and/or recycled.

Iron Mountain Clean Start can clear an entire space of all materials — not just paper records, but servers, PCs and IT assets, office equipment, cabinets, furniture and artwork — free up valuable floor space. Iron Mountain manages the cleanout process and provides services to facilitate the donation or secure destruction of materials or equipment you no longer want to keep and the temporary or permanent storage of those items you do.

Additionally, Iron Mountain professionals can evaluate your current processes to provide advice on how you can better manage records and information going forward using active file management, imaging on demand, digital workflow solutions and cloud archiving.

What if you could

  • get a jump-start on your workspace transformation project by starting with a clean space?
  • before cleaning out records and other information assets, get expert advice on what to do today and how to manage moving forward?
  • ensure that confidential information and equipment impacted by the project is managed securely, using information management and secure destruction best practices?


Industry fact:

90% of respondents from IDG’s workplace transformation survey report they are in process or planning a project in the next 6-12 months.

IDG, Marketpulse Research: Workplace Transformation, 2019


Iron Mountain Clean start service

Success story

A large financial services company needed to cut its real estate space in half during a headquarter renovation. They leveraged Clean Start to reduce office space and focus on open-area touchdown stations while also limiting their reliance on paper.

Iron Mountain delivered by:

  • designing a new work process for file collection, including creating a small, onsite active records room — staffed by Iron Mountain — to centrally store and manage active files
  • cataloguing paper records and moving them to an offsite archive at Iron Mountain
  • securely destroying obsolete paper and IT equipment
  • helping to deliver a new, high-performance workspace, half the footprint of their original


Clean Start Steps


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Clean start key benefits

Our Clean Start services can assist you whether you’re looking to optimise and modernise your current real estate or navigate the complexities of consolidation. We will work with you to understand your business needs and project requirements to create a custom-designed Clean Start programme.

What you gain

  • the ability to accelerate your workplace transformation project by starting with a clean space
  • access to resources you might not have internally to complete the project — from start to finish
  • advice on how to best redesign business workflows and digitise records going forward
  • peace of mind that all records, equipment and assets are handled securely and according to information management best practices

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