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7 May 20246 mins
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Obstacles and risks during real estate changes

Whether employees are remote, onsite, or hybrid, many organisations are rethinking their office spaces and work processes to create working environments that promote collaboration, improve engagement, increase satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

Planning for and executing these changes, however, isn’t always easy. Obstacles such as file cabinets filled with records past their retention and other items, storage spaces full of obsolete IT assets, and employee workstations cluttered with a mix of business and personal assets can take up valuable space, create risk, decrease productivity, and make real estate changes difficult.

Overcome these obstacles and unlock the full potential of your workplace with Clean Start

Whatever your workplace goals, from rethinking or closing office space, to navigating mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or just becoming more organised, Iron Mountain Clean Start can help you:

  • Accelerate project execution
  • Reduce or reconfigure real estate to improve ROI
  • Protect confidential or sensitive information and assets
  • Uncover and implement sustainable outcomes
  • Drive collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Standardise Clean Start solutions across your project portfolio

What does the future of your workplace look like?

From single-location projects to portfolio-wide initiatives, Iron Mountain Clean Start will help you reduce risk, enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and drive sustainability as you elevate your workplace.

Closing, relocating or optimising office space

Closing, moving, or optimising office space can be stressful, and the last think you need is the risk of exposing your organisation to data breach during project execution. While traditional moving and real estate service companies can support these projects, most don’t have the expertise, trained and vetted employees, or secure chain of custody to properly handle your organisation’s most valuable assets. Clean Start can help with a complete set of services, all under a single vendor and following our unique approach to project planning and execution:

  • Pack, move, and store records offsite
  • Securely shred outdated documents
  • Sort, pack, and move employee workstations
  • Securely recycle or remarket obsolete IT assets
  • Move/store furniture, pallets, or equipment
  • Decommission furniture, fixtures, and equipment

Navigating portfolio-wide initiatives or M&A activity

Real estate portfolio optimisation and M&A activity are experiencing record activity levels as companies look to identify synergies and cost savings, and drive transformational change. However, portfolio-wide real estate initiatives and M&A integration can be impeded by obstacles such as widely dispersed facility locations, large volumes of files or other assets, and conflicting processes and tools for sharing and protecting information. With experts and resources located throughout North America and the world, Clean Start can help to:

  • Securely close unneeded office locations
  • Dispose of or recycle obsolete or redundant assets
  • Identify and address security breach risks
  • Eliminate standalone processes/policies

How does Iron Mountain Clean Start work?

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