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If you are curious about how a service works, you can explore below to see links, FAQs, glossary terms, and other helpful resources.

Iron Mountain is committed to ease your access to the information you need while interacting with us and requesting for our services. Our Customer Information center is your reference to helpful resources and FAQs.

Refer to the sections below to explore these resources.

Online Platform “O’Neil Order”

O’Neil Order is our customer facing online platform which allows access to order submission and tracking, managing your own records and visibility over your inventory with instant access to main inventory reports.

Benefits and features:

  • Free application with no user charges
  • Reduced Expenses: No order fee, No charges on Data Entry and Inventory completed through the portal
  • Online order submission, No emails or forms to be filled
  • Real-time inventory review and order tracking
  • Quick access to inventory reports
  • Order tracking and status updates
  • Selective access levels per user
How to submit orders and access your reports?

We have prepared this video to guide you on how to use O’Neil Order.

The video include:

  • How to manage your inventory by adding files and carton data
  • How to search your data
  • How to request for collection, refile and retrieval services
  • How to view and export your reports

You can also use the step by step guide for further support at your own pace

How to register for the Online platform?

Fill the authorization form* with the required data and select the access level** per user
* Form must be typewritten, no handwritten forms will be accepted.
**To learn more about the access level check Access level section below.

Send the filled, signed and stamped form to our Customer Care team email.
Your user access will be created within 72 hours and each user will receive an email notification with the user credentials.

What are the access levels in O’Neil Order?

The table below show the user access to perform search, Add/Edit and request for services depending on the selected level

*O’Neil Order Access Levels


Access definitions:

Search: User is authorized to search for records registered in your account inventory such as tape, file or carton barcode as well as item description.

Add/Edit: User is authorized to add new items into your account inventory records such as adding new tapes, files and cartons as well editing specific information; item description for example.

Request: User is authorized to request for Iron Mountain services.

How to access O’Neil Order?

Go to Iron Mountain Website

*For DSS customers: access O’Neil order using this link, choose the Record Center “Dubai” and enter your credentials

  • Click on Login from the top right page
  • Select InfoOrder
  • Enter your Login information and record center

Service form

Service Request Form is one of the secure ways you may use to submit your requests to the Iron Mountain Customer Care Team. For delivery, collection or new supplies requests, you may use this form.

We provide 3 options for request forms:

  • Service Request Form with Macro: This edition features a simple function that facilitates resetting the form for your subsequent requests. If your organization permits the use of Excel Macros, we highly recommend opting for this version.
  • Service Request Form without Macro: In contrast, this variant excludes any accompanying Macro functions. Consequently, all prior request data must be manually removed before populating the form with new requisitions.
  • If you find the old form more suitable to your needs, you are most welcome to continue using it.

Access to information held by Iron Mountain, whether in physical or digital form, is restricted only to authorized users. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of our document management program, requests will be accepted solely from individuals who have been authorized.

To be able to create an Order/Request, the Request Form must be sent/signed by an "Authorized User" registered in the Iron Mountain systems.

Who is considered an Authorized User?

An Authorized User is an individual who has been fully registered in our systems, with their information accurately provided on the Iron Mountain "Authorized User Form," and the form has been signed by an executive mentioned in their company's signature circular. The completed form should be sent to the Iron Mountain Customer Care Team, and once the registration is confirmed in our systems, the person becomes an Authorized User.

When will my Request/Order be delivered?

Physical requests are processed until 4:00 PM. Requests/orders submitted after 4:00 PM will be processed for the next shipment day.

Same day deliveries are processed by URGENT service option; where physical deliveries of such requests should be submitted by 1:00 PM to be fulfilled on the same day. If the request is required to be delivered after working hours, AFTER WORK HOURS service option should be selected, and the form should be submitted by 1:00 PM.

Note that the cost of the URGENT and AFTER WORK HOURS services differs from the standard service. Both options depend on the operational availability.

Scanning requests are processed until 1:00 PM. Requests/orders submitted after 1:00 PM will be processed for the next business day.