Secure & sustainable IT asset disposition


Your destination for retiring IT assets in a circular economy.

23 April 202412 mins
Secure & sustainable IT asset disposition

Your IT asset disposition (ITAD) program

Iron Mountain’s ITAD program offers IT departments a secure and consistent solution for managing IT asset disposition. Drawing upon decades of experience in ensuring data security, we proudly serve 95% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Our unmatched data security is provided through a secure chain of custody that tracks the IT assets. From the moment of pickup, your IT assets are tagged and tracked. This meticulous process is facilitated by our world-class logistics, supported by an experienced team and a fleet of 3,600 purpose-built Iron Mountain trucks.

Whether you’re managing extensive projects or handling smaller, ad-hoc ITAD needs, we have the solution for you. Our program offers flexibility and scalability, capable of accommodating the needs of various setups – be it a remote workforce, a single office, multiple offices, or even global operations spanning across numerous locations.

Experience the convenience of our user-friendly online portal, enabling seamless online ordering, asset tracking, and reporting, including the ability to retrieve your certificate of data destruction (COD), supporting compliance requirements. Ensure seamless workflows with IT service management (ITSM) system integration, such as ServiceNow, for an integrated process.

Delivering a high level of service, Iron Mountain takes pride in assigning a dedicated account manager to support your business. This ensures prompt service and responsiveness to your needs and requests.


Items accepted for ITAD

Iron Mountain ITAD services

Primary services

Media destruction - bulk or serialised
  • Onsite or offsite
  • Media and hard drives
  • Destroyed in a secure and eco-friendly manner
IT asset remarketing
  • Any data-bearing elements are sanitised or destroyed
  • Asset tested, graded and refurbished
  • Maximised value recovery
  • Assets with no value are recycled
e-Waste recycling
  • Any data-bearing assets destroyed
  • Assets are demanufactured into commodity categories
  • Recycled in eco-friendly manner

Additional services

  • Onsite audit
  • Data centre decommissioning services
  • Data erasure
  • Deinstallation & removal
  • Short term asset storage
  • Box program
  • Media console program
  • Deployment & redeployment
  • Lease return services

Comprehensive ITAD reporting

Support compliance requirements and receive reporting that quantities progress toward your organisation’s sustainability goals. Iron Mountain’s ITAD program offers comprehensive reporting to ensure documentation requirements are met and compliance is achieved. Reports can be conveniently accessed through an online portal, giving users the flexibility to get the specific documentation they need. Iron Mountain’s industry-leading secure chain of custody provides complete tracking and visibility, along with the reporting to support it.

Reporting includes:

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Settlement Report

Provides a consolidated wrap-up of the audit report, detailing the equipment collected, including its weight, make and model. It also outlines how each item was reviewed and disposed of, including the date.

Audit Report

This itemised processing provides a summary of the assets processed, including the make, model, and serial number of each item.


  • Aggregates assets being processed across all client locations and programs
  • Tracks assets by manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.
  • Enables orders and activity to be fully integrated into existing ITAD programs
  • Access reporting any time through an online portal

Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

Documentation and confirmation of the destruction of data-bearing media in compliance with all relevant laws and industry standards.


  • Provides auditable evidence of data destruction
  • Documents the end of the life cycle for IT assets
  • Documents the service completion date by Iron Mountain

The Environmental Benefits Report

Highlights the beneficial environmental impact of your ITAD program on the environment.

  • Weight diverted from landfills
  • Greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • Metals recovered and diverted from landfills
  • Energy savings
  • Percentage of products remarketed versus recycled
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Secure ITAD portal: access reporting and place orders with ease

Streamline your workflow by integrating your IT service management (ITSM) system, such as ServiceNow, with our online portal.*

Schedule pickups online and track assets

  • Consistency across all sites supported by a dedicated program manager
  • Pre-approved and preferred rates
  • World-class logistics and processing

The audit report lists make, model, serial number, and more

  • Real-time tracking
  • Certificate of destruction

*Secure ITAD portal not available in all regions.

ITAD workflow for corporate IT assets

ITAD workflow for corporate IT assets

World-class, state-of-the-art facilities

  • Quality and capacity: proper environmental controls, security features, locations in every major data centre market and full compliance
  • Facilities maintain (R2v3) certifications
  • Full set of operational and environmental certificates
  • Comprehensive external & internal security features
  • 100% visual inspection against workmanship standards
  • Chain of custody controls including traceability to each individual operator & station

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