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Securing a sustainable future


Iron Mountain’s sustainability focus

Our Path to a Resilient and Responsive Business.

At Iron Mountain, we strive to be our customers’ most trusted partner for protecting and unlocking the value of what matters most to them in innovative and socially responsible ways.

We focus our efforts on what matters most—safeguarding customer trust, empowering our people, strengthening our communities, and protecting our planet—ensuring we do business with integrity and in a way that creates value for all of our stakeholders.

Together, we challenge ourselves and inspire others to create innovative business solutions that make a positive environmental and social impact— working to secure a sustainable future.

2022 Sustainability report

We’re committed to transparent reporting on corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Report Initiative (GRI). Our sustainability report outlines our commitments and progress against key measures of success for our efforts in the community, our environment, and for our people.

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Safeguarding customer trust

Iron Mountain provides customers with innovative solutions that bring them closer to achieving their purpose and ESG aspirations. We believe that innovation and integrity pave the path to long-term, sustainable success. We build trusted relationships with stakeholders based on this philosophy. Our approach is underpinned by the conviction that ethics and good governance matter to our future success.

We embrace our responsibility to contribute to the fight for a net zero future for our planet. We seek opportunities to improve environmental performance within our operations and enable our customers to manage information while meeting their environmental goals. And we partner with our suppliers to unlock opportunities to protect our planet, together.

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At Iron Mountain, we foster a culture of collaboration, courage, and customer obsession that all Iron Mountain employees live by. We work together to create a workplace where employees’ authentic selves are welcomed, accepted, and included. When we fuel innovation through diverse ideas, backgrounds and perspectives, our people thrive, our customers benefit, and our business succeeds.

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Our impact extends beyond the walls of our facilities. We contribute positively to the communities in which we operate by leveraging the unique capabilities of our business. We go beyond philanthropy to conduct business in a way that ensures a prosperous future for communities.

Diversity, equity & inclusion at Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is committed to intentionally creating and supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce. This culture of diversity allows us to recruit, hire, and retain the best talent while fostering an inclusive environment where many voices are heard. We see diversity as all the characteristics and experiences that define each of us as individuals. Diversity includes everything that makes us who we are—all the ways in which we are similar, and all the ways in which we are different. Diversity includes things like race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender identity or gender expression.

Inclusion happens when you value the differences and the commonalities of others. One of our core values is to promote inclusion and teamwork throughout the various parts of our organisation. This means we look for and value each other’s unique ideas and perspectives to get better results.

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Our sustainability goals

By 2025:

Achieve 25% reduction of GHG emissions from Scope 1 & 2 energy sources from our 2019 baseline

All new construction of multi-tenant data center facilities will be certified to BREEAM Green Building Standard

Collectively volunteer 100,000 hours in our communities

Achieve 90% renewable electricity coverage globally (maintain 100% coverage in Data Center)

Achieve +/- 5% gender pay parity across all levels in the U.S., Canada, and UK

Women will represent 40% of our global leadership team and people who identify as BIPOC will represent 30% of our U.S. leadership team*

*Directors and above

By 2030:

All IRM data centers worldwide will be climate neutral

As part of our EV100 commitment, 100% of company cars and 50% of company van fleet to be fully electric

We will use the Google methodology for matching site-by-site electricity with local clean power generation every hour of every day to achieve 24/7 clean power

By 2040:

Drive circular economy  innovation by working toward zero waste in our operations 

Achieve net zero GHG emissions, 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Accord

Our business decisions will have a net positive impact on our communities

For a full list of our goals, and their status, please refer to our 2022 sustainability report.

Previous sustainability reports

2021 / 2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013

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