The buzz about resilience. let's get beyond it, shall we?

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We've all been forced to become more resilient in the wake of the pandemic. But what does resilience actually mean?

15 October 20227 mins
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Across the globe, we've all been forced to adapt in the wake of the pandemic–as individuals, as employees, as employers and, of course, as organisations.

But while all the workshops and town hall meetings are abuzz with great ideas about resilience, animated talk, and good intentions, one thing post-pandemic is certain:

No real progress will be made towards resiliency until it’s approached as a cross-functional team sport.

This is the only way to get buy-in up and down the enterprise - and across global teams and time zones. However, before that happens, all stakeholders need to agree on what the complex - and often misunderstood - topic of business resilience means and how buzzwords like it can impact the flow of information and the bottom line.

Today, with so many overlapping legacy terms like “disaster recovery” and “business continuity,” it’s easy to understand the post-COVID confusion. The trick is getting all parties to see that the immediacy of disaster recovery and the efficiency efforts behind business continuity are all components of the larger, longer-term topic of “resilience,” which is essentially building organisations that are nimble, flexible and able to withstand both expected and unexpected shocks. With executive-level clarity on resilience, budgets and resources are more likely to follow.

To bring your cross-functional teams up to speed on the 4 Pillars of Modern Resilience, check out the snapshot below.

 The Buzz About Resilience. Let’s Get Beyond It, Shall We?

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