Retention accelerator guidebook


Ensure your Records and Information Management program is ready to support defensible destruction.

22 September 202112 mins
Retention Accelerator Guidebook


The purpose of this guide is to help you assess the health of one of the key elements of your records and information management (RIM) programme: your records retention schedule. The records retention schedule is foundational to a defensible and actionable records and information management programme.

We’ll walk you through how to build, update, and/or assess your records retention schedule, along with its usage, and provide you with best practice recommendations and tips for its successful implementation in your RIM programme. An up-to-date and authorised schedule positions you to quickly identify records that have satisfied their retention period and can be defensibly destroyed. And you’ll be ready to take the next steps to do it in a cost- and time-effective way, thereby reducing operational costs and risk.

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