The environmental impact of digital transformation in healthcare and life sciences


Could a strategic end-of-life assets approach drive healthcare organisations closer to zero waste?

24 November 202112 mins
The Environmental Impact of Digital Technology

In healthcare, getting to zero waste is particularly difficult as there is a variety of medical and pharmaceutical waste. You’ve got everything from day-to-day paper and plastic products to potential hazardous materials such as used syringes, soiled dressings, expired drugs and chemicals. The good news is healthcare organisations are getting more advanced and sophisticated at managing some of these waste streams to help reduce the negative environmental impacts. The bad news is, as we address the existing sphere of waste, the industry’s digital transformation is creating news ones. In fact, in 2019, 54 million metric tons of “e-waste” was generated worldwide.

Given what we now know about the impact of e-waste on the planet and on human health, we need to start prioritising e-waste as a stream that must be immediately managed proactively and in a sustainable manner. To learn more, click Download Resource.

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