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Learn how Clean Start services can assist you whether you're looking to optimise and modernise your current real estate or navigate the complexities of consolidation.

25 April 20246 mins
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Reduce real estate costs and optimise your workplace with Iron Mountain clean start ®

Moving locations or closing offices? De-densifying to reconfigure your space? Reducing your current real estate to save cost? Or supporting a growing number of remote employees?

Whatever your challenge, Iron Mountain’s Clean Start® program can help you transform your workplace to maximise real estate efficiency and support a virtual workforce.

Begin with a clean start

With Iron Mountain Clean Start, you can clear your workplace of a wide variety of materials currently occupying valuable space — paper records, filing cabinets, servers, PCs and IT assets, office equipment, cabinets, furniture, artwork, and more.

We’ll manage the clean-out process and provide services to facilitate the secure destruction or donation of the items you don’t need and the temporary or permanent storage of the ones you do.

You’ll be able to:

  • Reduce your real estate footprint to lower costs or support a downsizing
  • Repurpose offices and conference rooms into higher-value alternatives, such as those that provide employees with additional workspace
  • Reclaim storage areas that are overrun with seasonal items, marketing materials, and surplus furniture
  • Recoup closets and storage space which are stuffed full of outdated IT assets, as well as unneeded office furniture and equipment

Why Iron Mountain?

Our professionals are experts in information management. Beyond the physical removal and/or storage of items, we’ll evaluate your current processes and provide actionable advice on how to improve records and information management moving forward. You’ll gain visibility into your records across all locations and departments, and our recommended policies and procedures will help reduce your compliance risk.

We will also access how your organisation creates, stores, and uses information to help you meet your digital transformation goals. We’ll recommend tools such as active file management, document scanning, workflow automation, and cloud archiving to improve efficiency and support remote employees with anytime, anywhere access to information.

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Success story

A large financial services company needed to cut its real estate space in half during a headquarter renovation. They leveraged Clean Start to reduce office space and focus on open-area touchdown stations while also limiting their reliance on paper.

Iron Mountain delivered by:

  • designing a new work process for file collection, including creating a small, onsite active records room — staffed by Iron Mountain — to centrally store and manage active files
  • cataloguing paper records and moving them to an offsite archive at Iron Mountain
  • securely destroying obsolete paper and IT equipment
  • helping to deliver a new, high-performance workspace, half the footprint of their original


Clean Start Steps


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Clean start key benefits

Our Clean Start services can assist you whether you’re looking to optimise and modernise your current real estate or navigate the complexities of consolidation. We will work with you to understand your business needs and project requirements to create a custom-designed Clean Start programme.

What you gain

  • the ability to accelerate your workplace transformation project by starting with a clean space
  • access to resources you might not have internally to complete the project — from start to finish
  • advice on how to best redesign business workflows and digitise records going forward
  • peace of mind that all records, equipment and assets are handled securely and according to information management best practices

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