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Digital Evolution in the Office Work Environment

Predictable cost. Improved experience.

Optimise office and storage space arrangement to adapt to the changing work environment

In response to a variety of business disruptors, organisations continue to modify how they conduct work, rethinking the use of their physical locations as they adopt hybrid working models.

Read on for more information about how to create a workplace—and way of working—that reduces cost and risk while improving your ability to achieve your goals.

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A recent IDG Study indicated that 90% of organisations are planning on making changes to their workplace within the next 6–12 months

We’re here to help with your workplace evolution journey

Expert advice and solutions

Whatever the circumstance, be it an office closure, reconfiguration, or move, Iron Mountain has expert advice and solutions to enable your evolution. We assess your physical space and recommend actions for you to take to protect or securely dispose of your records, furniture, devices, archives, and even artwork.

Technology to guide your decision-making

As your employees become more mobile, attention is being given to the state of physical records inventories. Our Smart Suite family of solutions uses technology to guide your decision-making about retaining, imaging, or destroying records to create a more efficient and digital-forward way of working.

Flexible options to fit your supply chain management style

Lastly, as your approach to supply chain management has shifted over the past few years, our warehousing and logistics team offers you flexible warehousing and fulfillment solution options.

Here's to the evolutionary journey of your office space arrangementmountain ranges

Looking to move or renovate your work environment? Iron Mountain can assess your current work environment, organise clear processes, and offer practical advice on how best to manage your information and assets going forward.


Clearing the office work environment of archives, tape recordings, and unused IT assets is an important step in optimising workspace and improving operational efficiency. Here are the benefits of doing so:

  1. Workspace Optimisation: By clearing out unused archives, tapes, and IT assets, you can free up valuable space in your office. This can increase productivity by providing more space for employees to work or for other purposes.
  2. Process Simplification: Eliminating unnecessary archives and IT assets reduces confusion and complexity in document and IT device management. This can help simplify work processes and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Improved Data Security: By removing irrelevant archives and tape recordings, you can reduce the risk of data leakage or unwanted misuse of information. This helps improve data security and company privacy.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: By purging archives and tapes that are no longer relevant, companies can ensure compliance with applicable regulations and data privacy policies. This reduces the risk of regulatory violations and possible sanctions.
  5. Improved IT Performance: By removing unused IT assets, IT teams can focus on managing and maintaining assets that are still active and critical. This can improve the overall performance of the IT infrastructure
  6. Increased Focus: By removing distractions from unnecessary archives and IT assets, employees can focus on more important and strategic tasks for the business.

Jumbled files, disorganised records, and storage boxes containing incomplete information are not only distracting; they are also a burden that increases storage costs as well as disclosure and litigation risks.

What if you could tidy up your jumbled files and know which ones to keep, destroy, digitise, or give away for divestment, legal matters, or other business purposes-and do it without a complicated, labour-intensive discovery project?

Iron Mountain Smart Sort is a simple and cost-effective automated solution that helps you take control of your archive inventory.

Or you can choose Iron Mountain Smart Reveal, an advanced solution that helps you overcome storage boxes that contain incomplete information. Iron Mountain Smart Reveal combines your historical metadata with an image of the outside of the storage carton, plus a view of its internal contents, so you can make disposition decisions quickly and safely.

When you are in the process of moving office (relocation), we can help you organise your archive of documents and IT assets in your new office so that they are easily accessible and neat, classify and digitise physical documents to digital so that they do not take up space, store archives and IT assets in a special place, and even destroy documents or IT assets that are no longer used. This way, you can maximise the potential of your new workspace.

Industry disruption and evolving customer expectations have created a volatile and unpredictable supply chain environment, forcing companies of all sizes and types to rethink their logistics strategies. So, what can your company do?

Forward-looking leaders focus on building a more agile logistics function to respond to changing market conditions, while limiting the impact on businesses and end customers.

Iron Mountain is your partner. Whether you're planning to add to your current operations or build a new distribution network, we can help ensure that you're prepared for future growth and disruption.

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