AIIM 2023 State of the intelligent information management industry

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A pivotal moment in information management

State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry

Every so often, a pivotal moment occurs in the life of an individual, a business, or an industry. Today, we are at such a moment within the information management space. For years, organisations aspired to realise the full promise of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with its electronic document capture, storage, and processing — and many got there. More recently, those same organisations have been striving towards digital transformation to digitalise their businesses completely. COVID-induced market factors forced that shift sooner than expected. Yet, as we all emerge from the pandemic, organisations face new challenges, such as data privacy, cybersecurity, hybrid workforces, labor shortages, and advances in artificial intelligence. This places us all at a practical and philosophical crossroads: Where should we focus resources to get the best out of technology, processes, and people?


In this 2023 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry report, AIIM used user-generated intelligence to uncover the realities of post-pandemic information management and its impact on current industry and economic forces. For the first time, their research has gone beyond the AIIM community to include responses from the wider business world. By combining the feedback from both the AIIM and non-AIIM audiences, they provide a clear picture of the information-driven direction that organizations are charting, the alignment (or lack of) across the organization with business goals/values, and what this means for the future of our industry.