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Intelligent Document Processing and Workflow Automation solutions

Iron Mountain InSight® Intelligent Document Processing and File Management Platform

When you have a mix of physical and digital documents across many repositories, your employees can struggle to quickly find what they need, have difficulty sharing information and it can increase your organization’s risk of non-compliance.

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Transform the way you manage and access information

When you have a mix of physical and digital documents across many repositories, your employees can struggle to quickly find what they need, have difficulty sharing information, and increase your organisation’s risk of non-compliance. Iron Mountain InSight can help.

What is a file management system and what are its benefits?

File management systems help organise, store, manage documents, and centralise access to information digitally on a large scale.

Platforms like Iron Mountain InSight provide a single place that houses all your information. In addition to saving physical storage space, electronic document management also becomes more secure as employees can access and retrieve information from a single cloud storage. They will also have visibility and access to information in an easier and more organised manner. Additionally, with one platform managing documents, multiple users can log into the system and access information simultaneously.

As you embark on your digital transformation journey, our team can help you make the most of this platform. With advanced file management and intelligent processing of documents and workflow automation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can find the information you need much faster than having to manually search for documents. You can also access the latest electronic record or archive retention rules and systematically apply them to related documents by leveraging the platform's integration to the Iron Mountain® Policy Centre solution.

InSight content services platform

Flexible delivery options

Iron Mountain partners with leading cloud providers so you can integrate Iron Mountain InSight seamlessly into your organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Platform capabilities

document conversion


Transform physical into digital

Leverage our best-in-class digital transformation technology to quickly turn your physical documents, microfilm or microfiche into digital.



Access files in secure repository

This flexible platform can scale with your information management challenges and security needs, with file encryption, role-based access control, and integration to multiple content and data systems throughout your organisation.



Enable collaboration for document-centric processes

You can create your own automated workflows using the platform’s low code environment or Iron Mountain’s skilled professional services team can build them for you to streamline document routing and identify process delays or missing document, preventing cyber security incidents through by enhancing your data loss protections.



View and interpret key information

Dashboards provide a visual display of data and metrics for powerful insights.


We take information technology (IT) and cyber security seriously. That’s why over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies trust Iron Mountain with their critical and sensitive records. We have been securing sensitive data for 70+ years, and provide services across a wide range of industries in more than 60 countries.

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