Iron Mountain Secure ITAD analyst report


This report analyses Iron Mountain's Secure ITAD service offering in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) market. At the ITAM Review we advocate an integrated, sustainable and responsible approach to ITAD as a key part of the overall asset lifecycle our readers manage. This report is based on analyst calls with Iron Mountain’s Secure ITAD team conducted in Q1 2020.

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iron mountain SITAD anlayst report

This analyst report from The ITAM Review analyses Iron Mountain’s Secure IT Asset Disposition (Secure ITAD) service in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) market. The ITAM Review is a global organisation that provides news, reviews and resources for ITAM, SAM and Licensing professionals. This report was published in Q1 of 2020.

Secure IT Asset Disposition (Secure ITAD) benefits noted in the report include:

  1. Secure Chain of Custody
  2. Local & Global Reach
  3. Full Information Lifecycle Service Provider
  4. Market Innovator & Leader
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This report analyses Iron Mountain’s Secure ITAD service offering in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) market. At The ITAM Review we advocate an integrated, sustainable and responsible approach to ITAD as a key part of the overall asset lifecycle our readers manage. This report is based on analyst calls with Iron Mountain’s SITAD team conducted in Q1 2020.

About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain are veterans in Information Management for organisations worldwide, having been founded in 1951 with the aim of protecting vital records for financial institutions. Through organic expansion they are now the worldwide leader in storage and information services, with over 230,000 worldwide customers on 5 continents. Iron Mountain’s portfolio includes:

  • Information Management
  • Data Centre Colocation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Secure Storage Secure IT Asset Disposition (the subject of this report)

  • These five product lines seek to address the physical and digital information management needs of customers who need to comply with legal and regulatory frameworks around information management, improve agility through digital transformation, and ensure that IT assets are disposed of in the right way.

    About IT Asset Disposition

    IT Asset Disposition is a lifecycle stage in IT Asset Management primarily concerned with the end-of-life/end-of-service of an organisation’s physical IT assets – computers, servers, mobile devices, and so on. Increasingly, and this is the case with Iron Mountain’s Secure ITAD offering, ITAD is also concerned with managing the entire lifecycle of the physical layer of an IT organisation. Without managing the whole lifecycle, it isn’t possible to manage the end. This is a concept familiar to IT Asset Managers who realise that software and hardware asset management requires their attention throughout the lifecycle from Request and Procurement through Deployment and Servicing and all the way to Retire. It’s important to understand that ITAD is no longer just an end-of-life exercise.

    Use cases for IT Asset Disposition

    Companies are motivated to manage IT Asset Disposition for the following reasons:

    • Data Privacy
    • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
    • Legal & Regulatory Obligation
    • Cost Management

    In a recent survey of customers conducted by IDG on behalf of Iron Mountain C-Level executives listed Sustainability & Data Privacy as their primary motivators for managing IT Asset Disposition, closely followed by Regulatory Compliance & Cost Management.

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